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Swingset: Up!

Filed under: Real Life — Patterico @ 5:58 am

Big thanks to neighbor Jeff C. for his invaluable help in finally getting the swingset in working order in the backyard.

Finally, the rugrats darling children can go outside and swing and play without immediate adult supervision. (Yes, yes, we’ll still keep an eye on them. But now we don’t have to stand right there holding the whole contraption down so it doesn’t fall over.)

Jeff, we owe you a steak dinner — at a minimum. And you are welcome to bring your boy by, any time.

P.S. Yesterday was beautiful here in Rancho Palos Verdes. The heat spell broke and we opened up the house to cool breezes. Happy days are here again.

One Response to “Swingset: Up!”

  1. You lucky bastard. Still hot down here, and it rained about 5 this morning.

    Alan Kellogg (b1fd34)

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