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Disgusting Comments About Child Molestation Confirmed from Deb Frisch’s IP Address

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Don’t miss the IMPORTANT UPDATE at the top of this morning’s post about those disgusting comments regarding Jeff Goldstein’s family.

I have confirmed that the comments were left from Deb Frisch’s IP address.

P.S. In my e-mail, I told Frisch:

I’ll take a little chance here. If you respond to this and tell me that you deny making those comments, I’ll print your denial on my site. I’ll simply cut and paste whatever you write. If you do deny making the comments, it’s only fair for my readers to hear that.

Frisch told me in her response e-mail (among other things): “I have other plans, with real live humans, tonight and can’t get back to you.” So I haven’t posted her e-mail, since it isn’t really a response to the allegations. I can say that, in the e-mail, she neither admits nor denies making the comments. Instead, she claims that she is getting a lawyer.

19 Responses to “Disgusting Comments About Child Molestation Confirmed from Deb Frisch’s IP Address”

  1. Dear Anyone Who Cares About Deb,
    She’s on a bender. She needs help.

    Dan Collins (51d90f)

  2. Dear Dan,

    I’m afraid it’s all up to you now.

    Good luck.

    ****** (993e1a)

  3. Awesome. Thanks, P!

    Jeff G (881746)

  4. So what can she be charged with?

    Rightwingsparkle (1d9874)

  5. Vulgarity? in the first degree?

    Sifl (993e1a)

  6. No. First-degree moonbattery.

    Paul (0e6298)

  7. Patterico,

    With all respect (and I mean that sincerely), you are aware that there is no effective treatment for malignant narcissists, right?

    ras (f9de13)

  8. If Wikipedia is to be believed, then neither CO nor OR have specific cyberstalking laws on the books. While it seems reasonable she could be charged with harassment, a restraining order would probably be the best first move. Also perhaps more productive, if the idea is to get this woman some help.

    Of course, IANAL and I’m on the website of someone who IAL, so maybe someone else can chime in more definitively.

    WWB (733ccd)

  9. What the heck is going on at Ace’s site? Has it been hacked?

    Molon Labe (1f1511)

  10. I guess I’m turning into a tinfoil hat. Is it a coincidence that the heat gets turned up in the Middle East (Palestinians, Lebanon, Iraq) just as the world is focusing on Iran’s nuclear ambitions? Frisch reappears as the blogosphere focuses on Greenwald?

    Probably not, but fun to put out there anyway.

    MaDr (d28110)

  11. Whoa, too much tinfoil… gee… do you think the Iranians could work with Deb Frisch?

    I didn’t think so.

    Speaking of tinfoil, how’s our friend Mel Gibson doing?

    Chris from Victoria, BC (9824e6)

  12. Her latest blog post reprints an email from a Colorado attorney she’s supposedly contacted and who has agreed to meet with her. You might want to warn your Colorado colleague what he’s getting into before he wastes any more time.

    jb (0e76bd)

  13. re #12. Even Deb Demented/Frootloop Frisch is entitled to competent legal representation; her lawyer should probably know that she’s unemployed (and probably at this point unemployable) and that his service in her behalf may turn out to be pro bono.

    Robert (91f2c5)

  14. Apparently she has left a new comment in Jeff’s post yesterday (07/29 at 01:05 PM)

    I my opinion, it sounds like she is not truly represented – or not formally. Continually leaving comments does not help her and is not mitigating her so-called “damages” (this claim makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up)

    topsecretk9 (be795f)

  15. Yeah, it’s a bluff. She has no lawyer.

    Jeff, I think, is not bluffing.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  16. Even if she has a lawyer she doesn’t have a case. I’d love to see her explain to a jury why JG is responsible for the consequences of her comments and behavior.

    I’m not sure Jeff has much of a case either though.

    Its just blog comments after all. I know, I know. Yes she’s a moron. Yes she’s vile, disgusting and apparently crazy and/or a raving drunk. Yes she needs help.

    I’m just not sure I can see where there’s any real damage. He should try to get a restraining order against her or something I guess. Well…he should do whatever his lawyer advises.

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  17. #9 – No, the idiots at our hosting company rebooted the server for about the tenth time this month.

    We’re moving to a new hosting company next week.

    Pixy Misa (87a9a3)

  18. A couple predictions:

    1) Assuming she has a decent credit rating, some collateral to borrow against, or a lot of credit cards (all of which is one helluva a big assumption for recently fired recently dumped unemployed part-time psuedo-academic) … she just might find a lawyer will to take her “case.”

    2) If so – I will bet my left testicle that the hypothetical lawyer will NOT be working on a contingency basis.


    Professor Blather (dd1b83)

  19. I have confirmed that the comments were left from Deb Frisch’s IP address.

    Hey, someone in Deb’s “household” could’ve left those comments. Maybe “Wilson,” “Ryan,” and “Thomsas Ellers” are on vacation in Oregon.

    Sean M. (db71f3)

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