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Patterico on Hoist the Black Flag

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I should be on Ace’s and Goldstein’s Internet radio show today at around 12:30 p.m. Pacific. We haven’t discussed the topic, so I have no idea what we’ll talk about.

In completely unrelated news, expect the big Greenwald round-up post on Wednesday. It’s a good part of the way done already. I plan to keep it lighthearted, yet thorough.

UPDATE: To listen, go here and select “Hoist the Black Flag.”

9 Responses to “Patterico on Hoist the Black Flag”

  1. […] Flap does not know why the Los Angeles Times did not fire Michael Hiltzik and Greenwald = Patterico has yet to finish with this douche bag. […]

    FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog » Sock Puppet Watch: Glenn Greenwald Sock Puppets - The Worst? (baa0b4)

  2. Looking forward to the roundup.

    One thing I find interesting about this story is the ongoing love-hate relationship everyone has with it. Look at the number of comments from Ace’s two posts on the subject, one summarizing the story, and one inviting complaints on the coverage.

    Number of comments to date (9:00 am EST):


    Psychobabble is probably worthless, but if I had to guess I would say it has to do with the level of embarrassment involved in the act of sock puppetry–and my goodness, GG took it to a new level. Can you imagine, a sock puppet commenting on an e-mail he “received” from Greenwald? That’s a “10” on the squirm factor charts.

    Now my comment: I do think this story is important, and I do think it has meaning. Glenn Greenwald is a bestselling NYT author, if we can take him at his word. He’s on CSPAN as a constitutional attorney. He seems to be quoted on the Senate floor. He can be quoted, he can be referenced, he can and does have influence, he can leverage his “credibility” to make fatuous arguments.

    But he’s a fraud! This is medical malpractice. He’s a head-butter. We don’t need this, from both the left and the right, we need honest debate. Think about what he has been doing, he deserves zero credibility. You made the comment that the puppet claim doesn’t rise to ‘reasonable doubt,’ but I disagree, I think Ace’s recent post showing “to recap” and “I love how” push it way past that threshold.

    No apologies or foot-shuffling needed, Patterico. Please, finish the job. It’s the right, just, and necessary thing to do.

    Gotta Know (f41eca)

  3. BTW Patterico can you tell by IP numbers who visits your site, or only who leaves comments?

    (I’m computer illiterate.)

    Gotta Know (f41eca)

  4. Off topic– it might just be my browser, but your blogroll seems to be placed on top of the posts’ text, making them difficult to read.

    lincoln republican (6ec212)

  5. Mine’s ok, LR.

    Great name! I wish I’d thought of that.

    Gotta Know (f41eca)

  6. Gotta Know, anyone who visits. You can almost see it too, here. Patterico, I’m sure, has access to more detailed details.

    This here innernut keeps no secrets, folks.

    Pablo (efa871)

  7. Thanks Pablo. I would think you could do some interesting analysis with that too.

    Years ago I took a tour of a fire station, much more interesting than I would have thought. When the fire department suspects arson as a cause of a fire, they photograph the aftermath repeatedly, the perpetrator is almost always hanging around.

    Gotta Know (f41eca)

  8. Just listened to your inside-baseball web-cast. I understood it all. What level of dork hell does that put me in? Is there a twelve step program to decontaminate me or something?

    It is fun, though….

    Dale (0c5a60)

  9. Ptterico, you going on the pony ride?
    L.A. Times staff offered pony rides

    Maybe Baquet is training them to be a posse :)

    don surber (c2a99c)

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