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Catalina on Fire?

Filed under: General — Patterico @ 9:02 pm

We have a little thunderstorm going on over the ocean tonight, and it looks like a fire has broken out on Catalina Island.

Let me know if you see any news reports about it. I can’t find any.

UPDATE 7-23-06 12:53 a.m.: Here is a story about the fires.

They look to be out now.

5 Responses to “Catalina on Fire?”

  1. I was driving up PCH from Laguna Beach to Newport Beach this evening and thought the same thing.

    bd (fe9029)

  2. Dear Patterico –

    Where is your e-mail address on your blog.

    It is very hard to find.


    Bill from INDC

    Bill from INDC (d1d947)

  3. 26 miles off the coast, Santa Catalina is gonna be toast

    True Thurts (d21251)

  4. According to radio reports this morning the Marines shipped in firefighting equipment from Camp Pendleton to fight the fire. Go Marines!

    C Student (018b79)

  5. Santa Catalina is gonna be toast…

    Fortunately, Catalina is provided with an effective external fire-break. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do anything for the residents on the island; but, with enough pumpers, they have an unlimited supply of fire-retardant.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

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