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Those Darn 5-5 Decisions

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The Onion explains certain recent unusual votes at the Supreme Court. I think the offender is that weasel Souter. Just a hunch.

7 Responses to “Those Darn 5-5 Decisions”

  1. I think it’s Roberts trying to make everyone on the court happy.

    Pablo (efa871)

  2. Good onion today. They also have a timeline of the highlights of Dan Rather’s career worth a snicker or three.

    MTf (0fe06f)

  3. If it was Souter, he’d vote once each way. If he could vote “maybe” he’d do that, too. Kennnedy wouldn’t vote twice, but he’d would write two separate concurring opinions if he could.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  4. Wait till justices start voting “present,” the way congressmen do — then we’ll have real problems.

    Attila (Pillage Idiot) (88e3e3)

  5. At least whoever is voting twice is voting once each way; if it were Ruth Ginsburg or Stephen Breyer, both votes would go the same way.

    Dana (3e4784)

  6. I would say the 10th vote is coming from the NYT, who, by virtue of the Ist Amendment, has at least one vote. But then, I think they have more than one vote, so maybe 5 votes are coming from the NYT and some justices are following John Kerry’s lead and just not showing up.

    Lew Clark (67113d)

  7. Photo Ids might help, but the ACLU opposes them. (Curiously, however, the NAACP offered to make an exception in this case for Thomas).

    ras (f9de13)

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