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(See Dubya) Sodablogging V: Vault Zero Review

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(A post by See-Dubya)

I tried a Vault Zero at a gas station today—curiousity got the better of me. Silky mouthfeel, subtle effervescence, flavors of oak, honeydew melon, bacon…

Okay, I’m kidding. It was like Fresca with twice the saccharine and twice the bitter aftertaste, and twice the caffeine. It’s not Pepsi Blue (aka Windex) bad, but I do not recommend it at all. If you like this sort of thing just get a two-liter of Collins Mix at Safeway. Citrusy, refreshing, not nearly as bitter.

Nonetheless Vault seems to have its own fansite. Who spends that much time writing about soda pop on the internet?

Previous sodablogging here, here (by XRLQ), here, and, um, here…yeah…never mind.

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6 Responses to “(See Dubya) Sodablogging V: Vault Zero Review”

  1. If that fansite scares you, check this out.

    This guy conducted a statistical survey of the colloquial usages referring to caffeinated beverages. And then he constructed a detailed map of the county divided into “soda” populations and “pop” populations.

    Tom (3323cf)

  2. I noticed that Virginia Postrel, at the time she donated a kidney to her friend Sally Satel, said they both had Diet Coke in their veins. Me too. Although now I wonder if Diet Coke causes kidney failure. Just kidding Coca-Cola.

    Mike K (416363)

  3. I don’t know why the NYT hasn’t picked up on this. Obviously the “new flavors” are the result of a super double top secret project by DoD to produce a substance that meets Geneva Convention standards, but a captured terrorist under the threat of being forced to drink it, will sing like a canary in seconds.

    Lew Clark (f0fc73)

  4. Tom–they’re all “cokes” where I come from.
    Dana–I don’t see how Vault can compete with the ambrosia you describe. But it’s clearly marketed at the same caffeinated set.
    Mike–could you please post your address for service of process?
    Lew–I’m not sure Vault Zero meets Geneva convention standards.

    See Dubya (b13707)

  5. I’m not sure how much I appreciate Pepsi Blue being compared to Windex. Windex is a very useful cleaning material; in fact, I used it earlier today with great success. I believe poor Windex has been defamed by the comparison.

    Andy (6feefb)

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