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Rather: I Stand by the Rathergate Story

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According to Allah, Dan Rather still stands by the long-since-discredited Rathergate story.


12 Responses to “Rather: I Stand by the Rathergate Story”

  1. In other news about washed-up celebrities, OJ Simpson once again reasserted that he continues to search for the real killer, and John Kerry told a gathering of’ers that he spent Christmas in Cambodia in 1968, and has a magic hat belonging to a secret CIA operative to prove it.

    Desert Rat (d8da01)

  2. He is becoming a pathetic (almost sympathetically so) shell of the power-broker he used to be.

    His battle of Rathergate has been fought and lost. It is time to move on. What is really pathetic and tarnishing to his image is that he won’t admit the truth about the most blatantly false news story ever broadcast.

    Mike S (d3f5fd)

  3. In the old days, this used to work. Rather seems to be unable to get a grip on the present. I wonder what HD will do for his image?

    bill (26027c)

  4. Poor old George Armstrong Custer Rather; he actually won the battle at Little Big Horn and at Rathergate—it’s just those pesky Indians/bloggers lying and saying that they buried him! Time to move on to graceful anonymity in Texas.

    Mike Myers (290636)

  5. “A Rather ignominious end.”

    (idea source: Glenn Grennwald)

    (Comment #81 – from “Is Glenn Greenwald a Liar? Or Is He Just Someone Who Makes Confident Assertions of Fact without Having the Slightest Clue Whether They Are True?”

    jim (a9ab88)

  6. Mapes Alert!

    (Chronic Delusionary Paralysis Syndrome).

    He really is… so sad. Like a friend’s grandfather who has suddenly taken to shaking his Willy at passersby and cackling insanely.

    Maybe there’s some medication?

    heldmyw (a999cd)

  7. Rather made his career, and developed his instincts, in an era where he could make up anything, anything at all, and thru repetition and control of the airwaves, it would be generally accepted since it could not be challenged.

    Rathergate was a shock to him. He only did what he’d always done, then went to bed feeling good about himself. In the morning, tho, it was all different this time. Overnight!

    He’s old and still hasn’t adapted to the change. It’s a new world, Dan. Others can also be heard.

    ras (f9de13)

  8. Was Napoleon like this when he returned from Elba?

    JVW (d667c9)

  9. Does he remind you a little bit of Baghdad Bob?

    KRB (75c291)

  10. Has anyone said they served with George W Bush? Anywhere?

    blubonnet (86405d)

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