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Thanks Again to Power Line

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Thanks again to the guys at Power Line for making this site their Blog of the Week (for a two-week run! a bonus I never expected). The extra bonus is that their new Blog of the Week is Villainous Company, a blog I highlighted on this site in recent days. Cassandra has been on fire lately, and I’d like to think that my post about her blog helped bring it to the attention of the Power Line guys — whose recognition will help Villainous Company attain even more popularity, which it so clearly deserves.

I hope everyone who came here during my Blog of the Week run will stick around and become a regular reader. Eternal thanks to Power Line.

2 Responses to “Thanks Again to Power Line”

  1. Patterico, great blog, I’ll come back often. thanks to Power Line for the link.

    momentaryid (c80acd)

  2. yep, only one comment here. two, if you count mine.

    looks like that powertools bs really helped you alot.


    do they really wear pajamas when you are blogging? and why is it not called ‘robe media’, since the logo is a robe?

    Shorter Rightwing Arseholes (49460c)

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