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Deb Frisch Has Another Violent Mood Swing

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Deb Frisch’s mood has swung towards the violent again. She quotes a commenter named “Gideon” as saying:

Deb, these right-wing terrorists will never, ever stop attacking you; you don’t talk nicely to rabid animals or ask them to please stop biting you, you execute the damned things.

They’re hate junkies, and the best way to deal with them — other than taking a baseball bat to their heads — is to overdose them with hate.

Naturally, Deb — having learned her lesson about violent threats — takes the commenter to task and condemns him. Oh, wait — no, instead, she says this:

Who needs a Bible when brother Gideon speaks the truth so well?

Via Allah, who reports that Jeff’s site is the victim of another DoS attack. (Though I am having no trouble accessing it right now.)

Will the fun never end?

26 Responses to “Deb Frisch Has Another Violent Mood Swing”

  1. This whole thing between Frish and Goldstein has indeed devolved into the theatre of the absurd. It reveals a lot of hate on both sides of the fence that drown out the voices of reason that try to push through.

    As one of the comments on Frish’s site asserted, her continuance of the issue could possibly adversely affect future employment opportunities. I have read several stories of potential employers using search engines to find out about applicants. Does she really want all that vitriol to be at the top of the search results?

    As I have seen posted many times on the web. The first rule of holes is that when you find yourself stuck in a deep hole, STOP DIGGING. Maybe she will figure that out some time soon.

    Steve (7d7719)

  2. >overdose them with hate.

    I think that is the left’s mantra – for all things, not just this thing.

    Jane (5a66ce)

  3. Why does Jeff Goldstein have to be blamed for hate that looks pretty one sided ?

    Maybe you would prefer the BBC which bans such hate speech as the word “Dhimmi.”

    Mike K (0b762d)

  4. Perhaps I should clarify, Mike. Many comments I’ve seen posted by people on both sides of the issue show a lot of hate. It’s not something reserved for the left or the right.

    Steve (7d7719)

  5. Steve-
    Although the hate speech is certainly not one-sided I have found that the most hateful and foul language filled posts are from the liberal left. Perhaps it is because the left feels so free as to use four-lettered words or it may be that they are so ignorant that they cannot express themselve otherwise. Such language is, in my humble opinion, a product of the latter.

    Ropeboy (b569af)

  6. The Insanity Of The Obsessed Part Two: Sociopath…

    Lets compare Deb Frisch to the ten general symptoms of a sociopath:

    1- not learning from experience
    2- no sense of responsibility
    3- inability to form meaningful relationships
    4- inability to control impulses
    5- lack of moral sense
    6- ch…

    Liberty and Justice (a5b264)

  7. Hmmmm…is Steve channeling a “cycle of violence” style of rhetoric?

    JeffG is still under DDOS attack and Deb is dancing about trying to make herself a “victim.” And now Jeff is just as responsible?

    Now, with such a moral equivalency argument, who is the one that benefits?

    Darleen (81f712)

  8. Steve wrote:

    As I have seen posted many times on the web. The first rule of holes is that when you find yourself stuck in a deep hole, STOP DIGGING. Maybe she will figure that out some time soon.

    I went to her site, and with as kind a words as I could muster, suggested that she do exactly that. I wonder what kind of reaction it’ll get.

    66,013 total visits, and 53,499 of them in the last few days; a whopping 81% of her total traffic has been from people wondering just what kind of idiocy was happening there. That’s not exactly a good way to build your reputation — unless she’s planning to become the next Cindy Sheehan.

    Dana (9f37aa)

  9. I myself visited Deb’s website and offered her three pieces of advice:

    1. Contact a lawyer
    2. Contact a psychiatrist/therapist
    3. Cease blogging and commenting on other people’s blogs.

    But she obviously can’t stop. (She didn’t post my comment, either).

    When I tried to get to Jeff’s website just now (6:42 Eastern time) it was down.

    Robert (91f2c5)

  10. No, Darleen. I was not channeling anything. If you read the followup, I tried to clarify that I was referring to the comments. I did not imply that there was any cycle. However, I cannot stop you from reading into things that are not there.

    I really cannot say how the left thinks. I don’t frequent any left-of-center blogs because I do not believe that many of the “ideas” promulgated by the left (higher taxes, more government, victimhood for all, Bush is incompetent/evil, unions are good, big businesses are bad) are really worth reading. Besides, I could always get a copy of the Washington Post if I wanted to read that drivel.

    I just find it sad that incidents like the one caused by Frish shows some of the worst of both sides of the aisle, namely some stupid/nasty comments from both sides on her website.

    In the end it just gives Frish the attention she deserves to drive her sense of victimhood. I have to wonder what she might do for an encore when she realizes her time in the limelight of the blogosphere is about to expire.

    Steve (7d7719)

  11. Deb Frisch… much ado about nothing….

    So she said some stupid things, some of which could have been viewed as threatening in nature. But, let me ask you all this: just how many bloggers – on either side of the political aisle – have been physically attacked by a relative stranger as a resu…

    Thoughtsonline (d3e296)

  12. >But, let me ask you all this: just how many bloggers – on either side of the political aisle – have been physically attacked by a relative stranger

    What exactly does that have to do with the price of tea?

    Jane (5a66ce)

  13. And a new verb is born (Updated and bumped)…

    Hats off to Froggy. Michelle, Allah, and Patterico have more. *** It’s good to see Jeff hasn’t lost his sense of humor. Captain Ed comments here. *** More here and here. *** It’s not over. Allah has the latest here….

    Old War Dogs (72c8fd)

  14. Drain Bramage…

    Where are the adults in the room. Certainly they’re by and large absent from the left. Many of the leading sites are silent on the matter, and some have actually taken to blaming Jeff for the situation – even to the point of claiming that Jeff was ma….

    A Blog For All (59ce3a)

  15. Blogging Code of Ethics…

    After the Frisch affair, and the disclosure of personal information by websites on other topics, maybe a voluntary Bloggers Code of Ethics is needed.


    Common Sense Political Thought (819604)

  16. Frisch seems to be vague/emotional about everything, not just this. Back in November of 2004 (just after the election), she responded to Bush’s victory by declaring “Javelinas are running the asylum.” So much for academics having to use logic and reason.

    I have more of her work on my blog if you’re interested.

    Garrett O'Hara (7e7361)

  17. I think Deb’s absolutely right. I believe Newton’s law of “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, should be followed in all respects. The maniacs who never bothered for other sensibilities should not be forgiven or asked to stop biting us, they should be damned before there is another 9/11. Its high time to wake up now.

    vincentdamon (400fff)

  18. Since Frisch got all that traffic through being snide and rude, I guess I’ll have to give it a try. In this case by blatantly insulting Pat and threatening his family.

    That’s right Patterico, you’re getting it. Who better than a sensible, honest human being with a code of ethics and a viable moral sense? That is so in conflict with stereotypical attorney behavior it makes one hopeful for Mankind. We can’t have that.

    When any vindictive shlub takes into account your commendable behavior the only appropriate response is to wish you continued success in life. May your kids be happy, healthy, and get into things. (You do have kids, right?)

    And if you keep your pleasant behavior up I’ll be forced to get even nicer to you. So watch yourself.

    (The author of the vicious attack above can be found at Mythusmage Opines. Be sure to visit often in order to see his many horrid assaults on common decency.)

    Alan Kellogg (3826f3)

  19. Can anyone access Protein Wisdom this morning? The whole weekend it has been so slow it may as well be down.

    Sad. I think we should let Frisch fry herself and go after the guys that are attacking the site.

    Rick O'Shay (f41eca)

  20. Can anyone access Protein Wisdom this morning? The whole weekend it has been so slow it may as well be down.

    Sad. I think we should let Frisch fry herself and focus on the guys that are attacking the site.

    Any hacker geeks out there? Can we get some justice going?

    Rick O'Shay (f41eca)

  21. I think Goldstein ought to protect himself, and I think the rest of us ought to ignore Frisch.

    Just my two cents

    Bostonian (69704e)

  22. […] It appears that Deb Frisch can’t stop herself, as she keeps writing on her blog and commenting on everyone else’s about what a victim she is and so forth. I’m sure not going to give her a link, plus the fact that her site isn’t worth reading anyway – you can easily find it thru a technorati search if you must know, or read about it at Patterico’s Pontifications. […]

    More on the Jeff Goldstein issue….-- Lil Duck Duck (9f9139)

  23. Rick wrote:

    I think we should let Frisch fry herself . . .

    OK, that one ought to be worth points! :)

    Dana (3e4784)

  24. It’s not “theatre of the absurd,” as if both sides have descended into such ridiculous behavior that the original incident has fallen by the wayside.

    Frisch claims that some of JG’s commenters (not JG himself) made hurtful sexual comments about her. So did she respond by making sexual remarks about those commenters or about JG himself? No, she responded by joking about the sexual assault and murder of a CHILD.

    There’s only one kind of person who would joke about something like that. And if some lefty commenters and publications (such as Insider Higher Ed) want to ignore or defend that, they can accept their share in such a vile, disgusting, perverted attitude.

    ak (06d91d)

  25. […] Consider the swarming bloggers on an individual basis as super-empowered individuals. Could any one or two of the bloggers mentioned in Hugh Hewitt’s book, “Blog,” have “survived” a counter attack from major media or a powerful politician? I doubt it.What halts the counter attack is the presence of other super-empowered individuals – in this case other bloggers – to either refocus the attention on the objective, or take up the banner and attack (see Paterico’s Pontifications posts among others on the Jeff Goldstein DoS attack). […]

    What the Heck was I Thinking!? :: Super-empowered Individuals :: July :: 2006 (2f634e)

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