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Listen to My Pundit Review Radio Appearance

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If you’re interested in hearing my recent appearance on Pundit Review Radio on WRKO in Boston, you can listen to the entire program by going here.

My favorite part was caller Andy, who comes on at 23:32. He tried to make the argument that the New York Times didn’t reveal anything new in its article on the Swift terrorist finance tracking program. You be the judge of how successfully he made that point.

Again, my thanks to the Pundit Review guys for the opportunity.

One Response to “Listen to My Pundit Review Radio Appearance”

  1. Andy is a classic example. Absolutely classic. That’s why it’s pointless to discuss anything with a liberal. You come up with an airtight takedown of their argument, and they go, “Yeah, but,” and then just repeat what they said originally.

    CraigC (9cd021)

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