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Ken Lay’s “Contributions”

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Xrlq has this excellent post on the topic. Who knew Ken Lay had “contributed” so much?

3 Responses to “Ken Lay’s “Contributions””

  1. yow! steve sturm’s over there too, justifying insider selling on the ground of no net investor losses. what a tool!

    assistant devil's advocate (fb20d8)

  2. Wasn’t he living in a $5 million mansion while awaiting sentencing after he claimed he was down to his last $100,000?

    John Ekdahl (1fe18c)

  3. Don’t speak ill of the dead:

    Trickle down, or spread around, one thing you can’t say about Enron’s cash is that it didn’t make the rounds.

    That Ken Lay was a heck of a guy and very friendly to folks in influential places, he paid the NY Time’s Paul Krugman $50,000 for serving on Enron’s advisory board.

    Mr Lay’s generosity also extended to the US Senate where 71% of members were beneficiaries of Enron’s beneficence.

    Say what you will about Ken Lay, but don’t say he didn’t know a thing or two about keeping his “options” open.

    Black Jack (d8da01)

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