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Documents on Saddam’s WMD Programs Emerging

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Newly released documents appear to show WMD development by Saddam in the years just before the war. For more, see Captain’s Quarters (here, here, and here) and Power Line (here and here).

Are we ever going to read about these in Big Media?

8 Responses to “Documents on Saddam’s WMD Programs Emerging”

  1. “Are we ever going to read about these in Big Media?”

    No, I don’t think so. I could be wrong of course, but it would require connecting dots and MSM’s chief dot connectors are on vacation and can’t be reached for comment. Now, this may seem unseemly to the uninitiated, but please be informed that vacations for media executives are sacrosanct.

    They can’t be disturbed for any reason and certainly not for something as insignificant as a few inconsequential dots. Rest assured, however, that immediately after the next terrorist attack MSM’s resident experts on everything, including dots and their various interrelationships, will get right on the job complaining that someone should have seen it coming since it was so obvious even a child could have seen it.

    Black Jack (d8da01)

  2. Even the Bush/Rove machine isn’t peddling this line anymore.

    Gregdn (decad2)

  3. Everyone knows that no matter what information on WMD comes up doesn’t matter because even if more of this surfaces, even if more details emerge on Al Qaeda ties with Saddam, Howard Dean, the NY Times, John Kerry, Chris Matthews, Dick Durbin and Hillary Clinton have all told us this is impossible and we need to focus on the real enemy: Bush.

    Everyone knows this is all false. Even if we don’t know where the WMD went and all, we must call Bush a liar and vote Democrat.

    Because that’s what is important.

    Romanesq (536f3e)

  4. Ever since I heard the complete interchange between David Kay and Senator Kennedy and compared it to the MSM account, it was clear that the MSM is not interested in objective and factual coverage of the matter. The MSM will cover it:
    1. If some of the translations are shown to be inaccurate. If even only 1 in 10, the error of the 1 will be covered.
    2. If they don’t expect it, like on a live press conference. It will not come from the President, but I would love to see the facts laid out by a top rate prosecuting attorney, demanding a guilty as charged verdict on the MSM.

    I still think there ought to be a law that allows one to bring suit for journalistic malpractice. Is journalism a profession? Other professions are called to account for fraudulant behavior.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  5. Those WMDs were before GULF WAR I. Chemicals under your kitchen sink are about as toxic now. GHEESH. Even the Pentagon couldn’t run with that one.

    I agree with MD in Philly. There ought to be laws preventing the lies that are pumped out to the public as a means of propaganda. It is legal now, because Bush said so. There have been a few exposed incidents of payola to “journalists” from the administration. God only knows how many made it out unexposed.

    Also, since the story of the tracking funds on Al Queda (like they were going to use a public means of transfering anything…LOL)came out right after 911, so this operation to diminish the few actual media sources that are not bootlicking the administration’s heels are of course made to appear as “treasonous”.

    There was actually a law suit filed against FOX once that was in regard to them intentionally misrepresenting reality, LYING. The ruling came out in favor of FOX, because even lying is free speech.

    blubonnet (86405d)

  6. Those WMDs were before GULF WAR I. Chemicals under your kitchen sink are about as toxic now. GHEESH. Even the Pentagon couldn’t run with that one.

    I agree with MD in Philly.

    Please, don’t say you agree with me then turn my view on its head.
    Point A: I think you are referring to the announcement by Senator Santorum, not the documents linked above. Apparently you haven’t been following the Iraq situation very closely the last 15 years. At the end of Gulf War I, Mr. Hussein was to give account of the destruction of all of his chemical weapons, as well as any biological or nuclear efforts. The fact that he did not do so demonstrates that over a decade after Gulf War I he had not complied. The findings reported by Sen. Santorum also reveal that the inspectors had not succeeded in exposing all that Mr. Hussein still had hidden.

    Point B. If you looked at the links above, or even carefully read the post without looking at the links, you would have realized they are talking about documents dealing with WMD development more recently, like in the years after he had thrown the inspectors out during President Clinton’s second term.

    Point C. The chemicals under most household sinks can kill one if used improperly (or properly, depending on one’s intent). Whether it is mustard gas from 90 years ago (like my grandfather survived in France) or some nerve agent I’ve never heard of, dead is dead*.

    Point D. Your post suggests that even if we do hear about these things in “Big Media”, for many it won’t make a difference in what they believe anyway.**

    *Yes, some agents can kill many more people with a small amount than others, but for those who are killed, dead is dead (you can quote me on that).
    **As stated by both Paul previously known as Saul, and more recently by Paul who sang with Art, “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”. (Yes, I’ve quoted this before, but it’s been awhile.)

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  7. MD in Philly, Comment #6:

    It’s noncupatory to argue with bluebonnet. (BTW: I don’t know the exact meaning of “noncupatory” but one of my favorite authors used it a lot and I like the way it sounds.) Bluebonnet marches to the beat of a different drummer. If he wants to compare some poor homeowner who was injured or killed by mixing Drano and Clorox with the hundreds of thousands of Iranian and Kurdish children Sadam Hussein killed with nerve, phosgene and mustard gas, just let him.

    nk (57e995)

  8. Great site here and work you’ve done.

    The WMD angle is an important angle about the war that has been treated disingenuously by the press/left as has the former regimes links to al Qaeda and other terror groups which I’ve been working to fully document at Those who follow the topic are invited to stop by and leave comments.

    Mark (af7e48)

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