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Cold Stone Creamery: If It’s Good, We Don’t Have It

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So I wait in line at Cold Stone Creamery for 15 minutes, which already feels like a mistake, only to learn: 1) they’re out of waffle cones; and 2) they’re out of chocolate ice cream.

So why am I even here?


18 Responses to “Cold Stone Creamery: If It’s Good, We Don’t Have It”

  1. Come visit us in VA, we’ll take you to a real Cold Stone Creamery. When we visited here in January – while I had the offer open but had not yet taken it – a lady at Cold Stone Creamery apologized to Mrs. X for the horrendous service she’d received at a Cold Stone Creamery in CA.

    Xrlq (5938d1)

  2. And I’m saying that as someone who once lived closer to Richmond, CA than I now live to Richmond, VA.

    Xrlq (5938d1)

  3. Sorry about your luck, dude. Surely that was an isolated case? I go to Cold Stone fairly frequently and have never had any trouble there.

    Andy (6feefb)

  4. “Out of waffle cones” would have to go some in customer service effort to make that up to me.

    Anwyn (01a5cc)

  5. Send them feedback at:

    Best wishes, Laura (who would be very unhappy if they were out of cake batter ice cream!)

    Laura (d8da01)

  6. I’m predicting that some of the usual left-wing posters will blame Israel, Halliburton, Wal-Mart, and (drum roll, please….) “the cabal of neo-cons” for the lack of waffle cones at Cold Stone.

    After all, in a 1994 Newsweek interview, Hillary Clinton revealed she and Bill own stock in one of the leading waffle cone manufacturers.



    Desert Rat (d8da01)

  7. What is a waffle cone, please? I am one of those weird people that does not like sweets including ice cream. But my daughter asks for chocolate ice cream in a “crunchy” cone. So far we have gotten away with asking for it like that. Is the waffle cone the crunchy one or the pale one that goes all mushy as the ice cream melts?

    nk (d7a872)

  8. Desert Rat is trying to pre-empt the obvious comment: “neo-con” can be rearranged to spell “no-cone“, so it’s obvious who’s behind this.

    NK, around here the cones are usually called “sugar” or “cake”. A sugar cone is a pointy-bottomed cone, dark brown and crispy, with a faint waffle pattern on it. A cake cone is what you referred to as “pale… mushy”, usually has a flat bottom (tho I have seen pointy ones).

    In my experience, the term “waffle cone” refers to a bigger and fancier sugar cone. Ben & Jerry’s, for example, says theirs is “freshly baked” and you can get it dipped in chocolate. (Ie, the cone itself has a chocolate coating on the top part.) I haven’t been to any Cold Stone Creameries, so I don’t know how they use the different terms.

    – PJ/Maryland

    PJ/Maryland (d7acda)

  9. No different terms. A waffle cone is a waffle cone everywhere you go, in my experience. It is indeed bigger than the sugar cone or cake cone, but it’s not a fancier sugar cone … it’s a waffle. Cooked like a waffle, shaped into a cone shape, and hardened. Obviously not as thick and soft as a breakfast waffle, but made on the same design and similar recipe.

    Tasty good.

    Anwyn (01a5cc)

  10. Wikipedia is misleading, but does have a (mislabeled) picture of waffle cones:

    Anwyn (01a5cc)

  11. Thanks, PJ and Anwyn. The “sugar cone” PJ describes is the one we have been getting.

    nk (06f5d0)

  12. It’s almost always the lcoal store’s manager. Sounds like your store has a real idiot.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  13. Nways people learn from their mistakes, i ve from yours. Thanx for the post. Never would stand in a queue at Cold Stone Creamery.

    candacejune (3d9aef)

  14. I was at the Cold Stone Creamery last week here in Jacksonville and they were out of hot fudge!

    Kevin (191c4f)

  15. Come visit the one in Paseo Colorado in California. We never run out of anything. Waffles are made and dipped fresh daily as so is our ice cream. For those who haven’t tried Cold Stone Creamery YOU MUST!!!! Visit your local store soon and hopefully they are as great in customer service as we are.

    Lili (55d584)

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