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Quiz: Guess the Identity of the Anti-War Senators!

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Come on, it’s fun! If you don’t already know the names of the six Senators who voted to yank the troops from Iraq by the end of the year, guess them now.

Allah says he got four. So did I. I wonder if they were the same four.

Leave a comment with your guess. Then come back and check out the extended entry, which has all six names.

Hugh Hewitt has the names:

(Rockefeller did not vote.)

I guessed Boxer, Feingold, Kerry, and Kennedy.

How did you do?

UPDATE: Allah confirms by e-mail that his four correct guesses were the same as mine.

29 Responses to “Quiz: Guess the Identity of the Anti-War Senators!”

  1. Missed two (…bet we all thought of the first two faces, just to start!)

    Vermont Neighbor (a9ae2c)

  2. Feinstein, Boxer, Biden and … Bayh? That’s all I got. Probably way wide. Looking now …

    Anwyn (01a5cc)

  3. D’ya know what, I actually forgot Kerry is still a Senator. :)

    Anwyn (01a5cc)

  4. Well Boxer, Kennedy, and Kerry–the coalition of the idiots were easy calls. Byrd the longest serving KKK Kleagle in the Senate was a tougher call. Feinstein jumped the tracks long ago. Harkin, who is Harkin?

    Mike Myers (3a4363)

  5. I’m surprised about Byrd. And I never even thought of Harkin. I guessed Jeffords (?spelling) and Feinstein. My score: Four out of six.

    nk (57e995)

  6. So Murtha cut and run? Thanks to him, I only got two (Kerry and Kennedy).

    [Not a Senator. — P]

    Teri (afca91)

  7. The Moonbat Six.

    Paul (c169e9)

  8. How did you do?

    Suckily, since I read your entry first on Bloglines and saw the answers before guessing anything. I probably would have gotten Boxer, Kerry and Kennedy.

    Xrlq (995633)

  9. Yeah, I don’t know how you get around that. Bloglines needs to accommodate extended entries better.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  10. How many years will GOP “cut-and-run” catcalls be effective? Two more? Five?

    steve (afbf12)

  11. My guess would be Boxer, Feingold, Byrd, Kerry, Kennedy, Durbin.

    JD (94b0da)

  12. Got five. Didn’t know Harkin had lost his marbles, or that Durbin had gained some.

    JD (94b0da)

  13. Pretty good. How’d you guess Byrd?

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  14. The only vote that surprised me was Kerry’s (I would have guessed Durbin). I know Kerry’s speech inspired the resolutio and all, but voting against his own idea just suits the guy.

    Sean P (a92c29)

  15. Harkin had to get his lib cred back after being in on the drafting of the Shiavo relief bill.

    MayBee (8aec89)

  16. Without having viewed any of the comments or the extended entry, here’s my guess:
    John Kerry
    Ted Kennedy
    Barbara Boxer
    Carl Levin

    I think I heard Tom Harkin was one of them.
    And Robert Byrd.

    Andy (6feefb)

  17. Not sure how I couldn’t come up with Feingold off the top of my head.

    Steve: As long as the Dems espouse a “strategy” of cut-and-run, calling them on it will be effective.

    Andy (6feefb)

  18. Byrd is the biggest war critic in the Senate.

    The biggest war critic in the entire Senate.

    If you didn’t get him, you haven’t been paying attention.

    In answer to Steve’s question, the Republicans “withdraw” troops when they want, but when Democrats withdraw troops, it is running.

    That’s because George Walker Bush was such a war hero while all John F. Kerry did was “invent” a new, aggressive technique for killing Viet Cong.

    JS Narins (b50b9e)

  19. After Larry, Curly, and Moe I was stumped.

    MikeD (c7b774)

  20. Barbara, my IQ is smaller than my shoe size Boxer
    Ted, the Cape Cod Orca, Kennedy
    John, My middle initial is F, Kerry
    Russ, I cannot understand free speech, Feingold
    Robert, KKK has been, Bird
    Tom, Keep Archer Daniels Midland on the dole, Harking

    Now to check if I got them correct

    Not a Yank (2bb854)

  21. Mike Myers, Re #4: please note that the list says Feingold, not Feinstein. Feinstein is not from the leftist wing of her party, and is moderately disliked by leftists.

    A few years ago, the Republicans actually ran a candidate against her who was more liberal on many issues than she was; nobody noticed.

    aphrael (e7c761)

  22. Oops. My bad.

    Teri (afca91)

  23. Blind guess: Kerry, Kennedy, Boxer, Feingold, Levin and Byrd.

    Dana (71415b)

  24. Damn, five out of six! What did I win?

    Dana (71415b)

  25. Mike wrote:

    After Larry, Curly, and Moe I was stumped.

    Think Joe and Shemp.

    Dana (71415b)

  26. Pin the tail on the donkey:

    Shucks, missed the big porker from West, by god, Virginia, Bobby Byrd. Picked that tricky double talkin’ Turban Durbin instead. Can’t imagine why he didn’t make the team unless he’s up for reelection in this year’s midterms.

    Kennedy, Kerry, Harkin, Feingold, and Boxer were all pretty much a sure thing.

    Black Jack (d8da01)

  27. Feingold, Kerry, Kennedy, Boxer, Durbin, Murray.

    Dammit, first 4 were right.

    nittypig (4c1c43)

  28. Byrd is the biggest war critic in the Senate.

    The biggest war critic in the entire Senate.

    If you didn’t get him, you haven’t been paying attention.

    I’m going to go get the papers, get the papers. — Tommy Two-Times.

    I admit, I don’t pay attention to Byrd.

    I don’t pay attention to Byrd.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  29. I got Boxer, Kerry, and Kennedy. I didn’t even think of Byrd, but then again, who does?

    Ray (be81f9)

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