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Help Justin Levine with his Legal Brief

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My friend Justin Levine is representing Luke Ford in a defamation suit, and requests your input on his legal brief here.

The site “Tabloid Baby” says of Justin’s open-source approach to brief-writing: “Either the guy’s a genius who’s really onto something or he’s in over his head.” Knowing Justin as I do, it’s not the latter.

Give the genius some input. Show the world that he’s really on to something.

8 Responses to “Help Justin Levine with his Legal Brief”

  1. Too kind sir. Though I’m always of the Groucho-Marxist opinion that if I thought of it, then it can’t be very clever.

    Justin Levine (a90377)

  2. First: I read the Complaint. Good Lord! What kind of pleading rules do you guys have down there? I’m surprised that the judge did not rip it in two and dismiss the case on his own motion.

    Second, Mr. Levine accepts comments only through WordPress registration. Not the best way to get free help on his case. Can I just comment here, instead?

    nk (8214ee)

  3. Both the plaintiff and the defendant sound like really scummy people. Mr. Ford has a long Web history of writing about scummy people. These suits are inevitable if you keep it up long enough. I would recommend that Justin walk away from these folks. Absent that, I wish him good luck.

    vertex11 (65cbc6)

  4. Didn’t realize that registration was required to comment on the Word Press site (I’m a guest blogger there, so I am unfamiliar with what visitors need to go through to comment). I’ll see what I can do about corrceting that. Meanhwile, feel free to send constructive suggestions to my e-mail at or post them here (subject to Patterico’s approval).

    [Absolutely. Suggest away. As long as nobody construes it as legal advice. And who would do that? — P]

    Justin Levine (a90377)

  5. I read Mr. Levine’s response. It’s excellent. It’s harder to answer a bad complaint than a good one. (I’ve had the same conundrum, more than once. Bring a motion to strike or just plead over. In the first instance, you will be giving your opponent a free lesson in how to plead (because he will be allowed to amend); in the second, you will be framing the case for him. I believe the second choice is the better one.) I don’t know that I can give Mr. Levine advice that’ll do better for him than he is doing for himself. I’ll keep on reading.

    nk (9abfbf)

  6. Vertex11,
    Thanks for the info. I changed the settings to allow for anonymous commenting.

    Thanks for the Patterico-alanche.


    SoCalLawyer (c0a5fd)

  7. […] The Open Source Legal Motion is slowly starting to gather some steam around the blogosphere. Thanks to all of those who have linked and/or provided suggestions (many of which I think are alreday quite useful). […]

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  8. […] Mr. Le Frois seemed comfortable with the fact that I’m not a button-down big law firm type (probably due in part to my recent defamation defense work in Wald v. Ford, plus the very kind compliments from Patterico himself on my behalf). So I signed on, and we were off to the races.I was actually licking my chops over this one – thinking that this case would allow me to tee up another Open Source Legal Motion, express an appreciation for our boys in blue, and continue my quest to promote free speech in these here United States all at the same time. Mr. Le Frois was planning on visiting L.A. later in the month. So the plan was to write up an informal draft of an anti-SLAPP motion, get his thoughts on the draft, and then confirm a more formal agreement to sign on to the case. Then I’d file the motion, (presumably) win, and then take a picture of Yagman’s face when he hands me over a check from his (allegedly) tax evaded funds in order to pay my legal fees [Cha-ching!] […]

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