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Schiavo (or His Ghost Writer) Blogging at Kos

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Michael Schiavo is blogging at Kos. (H/t Malkin.) Or, more likely, his ghost-writer is ghost-blogging there.

Go say hi.

23 Responses to “Schiavo (or His Ghost Writer) Blogging at Kos”

  1. There may be a trick to getting in a comment at DailyKos but I don’t know it. The comment section seems to be closed to everyone but Kos’s choir.

    In any event, I was not sure how to spell a Bronx cheer. Is it “brrrrtt” or simply “phooey”?

    nk (d5dd10)

  2. In his current posting, he attributes The Presidential polling numbers to… wait for it…


    The President’s respect and popularity took a fatal hit from their illegal and unprecedented attempts to use politics to block me from fulfilling Terri’s wishes.

    Fatal hit? Huh? Dude. Your 15 minutes were up at 12 minutes.

    What a tool. Kosbait for sure.

    heldmyw (5a5839)

  3. Asking for a donation,huh?Let’s see,is there aany other person,who’s traded a family tragedy for a little fame,a lot of notoriety and a few bucks?If there were such a person,especially one who was unattached,maybe we could play a matchmaker.I’d suggest this person be female(“not that there’s anything wrong with that”),not be too bright and enamored of hearing her name spoken.She should be comfortable with weird charges against GWB and evidenece that the surviving family member is sorry about the death should be unavailable.Finally,both should be possesed of “absolute moral authority”,so on would not overshadow the other during TV time.If anyone could suggest a possibility to help mend Terry’s Lonely Heart,I’m sure Heaven would have a special reward.

    Lincoln (852cea)

  4. Lincoln as an idea there: Let me see 1. Female; 2. Not too bright; 3. Fond of hearing her name spoken; 4. Comfortable with wierd charges against the President; 5. Evidence that she is sorry about her family member’s (son’s) death is unavailable.

    Little Old Matchmaker me has the perfect solution to mend Mike Schiavo’s Lonely Heart! Cindy Sheehan!

    Some fates are worse than death.

    Mike Myers (3a4363)

  5. There may be a trick to getting in a comment at DailyKos but I don’t know it. The comment section seems to be closed to everyone but Kos’s choir.

    Yup. Michael Schiavo probably thinks everybody in the country loves him now, based on the comments he’s getting. But it’s almost all left-wingers reading to begin with, and if anyone dissents, their comments will quickly disappear.

    Kos is a gutless site.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  6. Did Cindy Sheehan buy a headstone for her son’s grave? As of a few days ago, no. It’s a lot of work cashing those military checks, trying to get to the bank and such. And of course, trashing our troops around the world is a time-consuming job.

    Vermont Neighbor (a9ae2c)

  7. Use to get onto Kos if you really need to. As far as I can tell, the primary difference between the way Kos and many others (Freeperville, Blogs For Bush) block dissenters is that dKos is community-moderated. For your comments to disappear, you have to get nothing but the worst possible ratings from everyone who rates you. Dissent that is respectful doesn’t just get crushed outright. Some people will troll-rate you, then invariably, you get a handful of others who rate you up, saying “I don’t think this post is a 4, but it’s not a 0. That’s bullsht.” But it’s only long after someone has an established pattern of worthless comments does he actually get booted.

    Tom (eb6b88)

  8. Vermont Neighbor, I’m betting you know precious little about what it’s like to be Cindy Sheehan. Unless you’ve buried a family member for this fool’s errand, why don’t you come off your high horse and quit pretending to be outraged just so you can participate in the right wing “Must Smear Cindy Sheehan” machine. Honestly, the vindictiveness with which people like you go after her is astonishing.

    Tom (eb6b88)

  9. Tom, I like you but I’m not going to bend over and let you kick my ass. Save it for someone who wants it.

    Cindy Sheehan’s actions speak louder than headstones. And I think everyone comes from a family who won’t allow Jane Fonda product in the house, or at least knows someone. It’s my opinion. Take it or leave it.

    Vermont Neighbor (a9ae2c)

  10. Tom, Comment #7:

    Thank you. But it’s too complicated for a simple-minded person like me.

    nk (06f5d0)

  11. #8
    And don’t be a betting man. You’d bet wrong.

    Vermont Neighbor (a9ae2c)

  12. And I think everyone comes from a family who won’t allow Jane Fonda product in the house, or at least knows someone.

    Well, I know lots of people who think that way. My family, however, raised me not to villify people on account of their beliefs. (And by the way, Cindy Sheehan is no Vietnam-era Jane Fonda.)

    I’m not trying to personally disparage you or anyone else. But I have a hard time understanding why, given Sheehan’s loss, you’d rather take pot shots at her than simply saying “she obviously has misplaced anger” and leaving it at that. All the attacks (and yours are tame compared to most) leave a sour taste in my mouth.

    Tom (eb6b88)

  13. #11–Fair enough. Again, this isn’t about me trying to dump on you. I’m sorry if you’ve experienced loss due to this war.

    Tom (eb6b88)

  14. That’s okay Tom. I was really hoping we could spar a bit! What’s the harm in mixing it up a little?

    I think we agree on principles. I have friends who send out group emails that lean anti-war or anti-Bush. I don’t mind passionate feelings and I understand some people hate GWB. It’s all over the internet. Although he’s made decisions recently that don’t serve my needs, I think he’s pretty authentic with his spiritual and political beliefs. The hate I don’t understand.

    But then Cindy came along. I have strong feelings of dislike for everything Cindy Sheehan. I can’t candycoat. I really dislike her whole persona.

    And that’s where the war divides. People feel she is a great emblem, mother of a fallen war hero. Then there are those of us who feel her son is rolling over in his grave. These boards are a great place to meet up. But nobody’s going to change their mind about the war, Bush, John Kerry, Cindy Sheehan… weapons of mass destruction. Iran. At best, we can keep our minds open and just honor the concept of both sides.

    Vermont Neighbor (a9ae2c)

  15. Wow, VN…beautifully said. But I disagree that nobody’s going to change their mind–I think it’s impossible to stand 100% firm on your political views from year to year, if your mind is truly open. (Why on earth would you? It’s not like either side ever gets it totally right, and neither is either side totally wrong.)

    Classic example from my own life: I was originally against going to war in Afghanistan when we did–pretty much out of naive, anti-war ignorance. Today, I wish more time was spent in Afghanistan, beginning sooner. As they say, hindsight is 20/20…(I do believe that I was correct, though, in believing that

    As a final side note, I wish I could believe that Bush acts authentically according to his convictions. I once did (though I was and still remain diametrically opposed to most of his politics). I’m just not sure anymore–there’s simply too much politicking going on (on both sides) for anyone to be that simple and purely motivated, but maybe I’m just jaded…

    Tom (eb6b88)

  16. Tom–

    There isn’t a soul here who needs Cindy Cheehan explained. Not even one. Her literally posing for a _Vanity Fair_ photo spread lounging on Casey’s still unmarked grave left no room whatsoever for error.

    Federal Dog (49ba76)

  17. You’ve got to wonder about the liberal icons of the day: Michael Schiavo, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney. Is there no one serious to represent the left?

    Dana (dd8e7e)

  18. Tom

    My parents taught me to judge people by their behavior …

    And Cindy Sheehan’s reprehensible behavior lost me any sympathy I might have once harbored based on the initial belief that grief had made her vulnerable to manipulation.

    Darleen (81f712)

  19. #15
    Thanks Tom. The politicking is something we all see. I bet to some degree, it’s easier to identify in politicians who don’t channel our feelings into action. From your posts, I see you’re not a fan of Bush but you’re open-minded in considering different strategy for past conflicts. On the same hand, I can agree with the disappointment in Bush, at least on matters at home. The border is just nonsense. I know if there were an election now, Kerry would have a better chance. Flaws and all, I have to stick with GWB for the big issue. The historians will take care of the rest. Term 2 is shaky.

    Vermont Neighbor (a9ae2c)

  20. Hear hear, Darlene.

    Tom, Cindy Sheehan disgusts me. She used her son’s death to undue the work he volunteered and fought for. I’m sad to say it, because I believe he is a brave hero, but it is likely that she did more damage to her nation’s war effort and to the Iraqi people’s chance to be free of tyranny than her son, a wonderful man by all accounts, was able to accomplish despite his excellent service he provided in his life and his making the ultimate sacrifice.

    I’ve talked about this with my mom and my mom agrees with me wholeheartedly.

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Chris from Victoria, BC (5d90a2)

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