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Moron of the Day: Michael Cohn

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What a maroon:

A Los Angeles psychologist who was denied a tote bag during a Mother’s Day giveaway at an Angel game is suing the baseball team, alleging sex and age discrimination.

You think he ever tells his patients that they are whiners?

28 Responses to “Moron of the Day: Michael Cohn”

  1. What a maroon? Hey – are you engaging in color-discrimination here? He can’t help it if he’s maroon!

    Lyric Mezzo (898f77)

  2. I could not read the linked story because of the registration wall. I hope that he is proceeding pro se.

    nk (f58916)

  3. Perhaps Mr. Cohen is simply suffering from a little gender confusion here….

    Bill Beeman (870b54)

  4. Jeez..what an idiot. Many of these promotions are tailored to people of a certain age or sex. They usually are described as, “The first x number under the age of x”, or “The first x number of women under (or over) the age of x”

    What’s his problem?

    RLS (0516f0)

  5. Cohn is one of those self centered idiots who have to make noise to be the center of attention. The perfect response to Cohn is the old Judge Wapner joke where Wapner orders his bailiff, Rusty, to kick the nuts in the butt. Maybe Cohn would like Paul Teutel, Sr. of Orange County (NY) Choppers to insert his size dozen boot in his (beep).

    Lyric, You must either do not remember Bugs Bunny or you have no sense of humor.

    PCD (f0d1f4)

  6. Gee,
    Isn’t this the same line of reasoning that gave us the ACLU, Affirmative Action (That might be a stretch…) and all other manner of politcal correctness?
    Surely one of us has a friend in the firm that is going to handle this case?
    All the other ‘victim’ cases brought before the courts is what lead us here. Stinks, doesn’t it?

    paul from fl (001f65)

  7. How did he arrive at $4,000? Was it the voices in his head?

    Bill Maron (ee2ae1)

  8. The correct term is ‘ultra-maroon’.

    BlacquesJacquesShellacques (83acf5)

  9. A Californian and a psychologist. Hmmm.
    It is surprising to me that there is not a cadre.

    Paul Albers (7494b1)

  10. Where does the Constitution guarantee the right to a GIFT??????????

    I always thought the Giver got to decide that.

    Dan Kauffman (0cf47b)

  11. Maybe the guy isa


    Dan Kauffman (0cf47b)

  12. Cohn brings some credence to the old saw about why California is like a bowl of granola; once you’ve got rid of the fruits and nuts, you still have to deal with the flakes. You pick ’em as to which Cohn is.

    Mike Myers (3a4363)

  13. Few would find it so petty if women were denied stereotypically “male” handouts, such as baseballs, even on fathers’ day. And even seemingly “petty” discrimination against men like this feeds into the larger problem of gender stereotypes, misandry and anti-male sexism,and the fact that men aren’t taught or conditioned to speak out about it is part of the reason why it is allowed to continue even in much larger areas involving basic human rights: fathers denied equal parenting access rights; men getting higher sentences than women for the same crime; incarcerated fathers denied equal
    visitation rights with their children; male victims of domeestic violence
    and their children (there are many) denied equal services under the law; men ages 18 to 45 being exempted from the international ban on forced labor in the Forced Labour Convention of 1930, Article 11 (now ratified by 168 nations); men denied equal pricing or services at hotels, car washes, restaurants, etc. etc. It’s all related.

    The media ignores men’s complaints about the larger forms of discrimination but jumps all over the smaller forms such as this one, because media is only interested in sensationalism and fails to see deeper into the real issues. I support any man who complains when he is discriminated against as a man, no matter how large or small it may seem.

    For more, see and

    CP (f56725)

  14. Release Date: 02/29/1998
    Release Number: USDL:-32
    Contact Name: GLORIA DELLA
    Phone Number: 202.219.8921

    Los Angeles Firm And Pension Plan Trustees Sued For Mismanagement Of Plan Assets

    The U. S. Department of Labor has sued Mobile Medical Diagnostics, Inc. of Los Angeles and its pension plan trustees for more than $245,000 in improper plan transfers to benefit the company and for failing to collect employer contributions owed to the money purchase plan.

    Mobile Med sponsored two pension plans — a money purchase plan and a profit sharing plan — which covered up to 17 participants. The money purchase plan was merged into the profit sharing plan in 1993. This successor profit sharing plan had assets of $335,735 as of Nov. 30, 1996.

    The Labor Department lawsuit alleges that the company and trustees Stanley Shapiro and Michael Cohn caused the profit sharing plan to sustain losses on transactions between the plans and Mobile Med over the period July 1992 and August 1994. Shapiro and Cohn — who held the dual positions of plan trustees and owners of Mobile Med — represented the interests of both the plans as lenders and the company as borrower in making the plan transfers.

    The lawsuit alleges that the defendants violated the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) when:

    Shapiro made a series of improper transfers totaling $248,138 from the plans to Mobile Med without investigating alternative investments and without obtaining security for the transfers;

    Shapiro failed to collect employer contributions of $54,128 owed to the money purchase plan, of which $19,128 in outstanding contributions was still owed to the profit sharing plan after the plans were merged;

    Shapiro and Cohn failed to keep detailed records on all plan investments, receipts and disbursements; and

    Cohn knowingly participated in or failed to correct the improper plan transactions committed by Shapiro.

    Mobile Med allegedly failed to monitor the actions of Shapiro and shares liability for any losses to the profit sharing plan.

    The lawsuit seeks a court order to require that the defendants restore all losses with interest to the profit sharing plan, to appoint an independent trustee to manage the plan and to permanently bar the trustees from serving in any position of trust to plans governed by ERISA. It also asks the court to require that the trustees cooperate with the independent trustee by turning over all plan books and records.

    The court action was filed on Feb. 5 in federal district court in Los Angeles. The case was investigated by the Los Angeles Regional Office of the department’s Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration into alleged violations of ERISA.

    (Herman v. Mobile Medical Diagnostics, Inc.)
    Civil Action No. CV-98-0911

    undone (5f5959)

  15. This loser needs to get a life. What a freak. He is wasting everybodies time and money because he’s pissof off because he has a tiny pettie.

    guy tired of the freaks (1f2145)

  16. It’s funny how Cohn hides behind a mens activist group — do you think he cares about men’s rights? No — he cares about the money!

    Cohn head hater (5f5959)

  17. Mr. Cohn must not have a mother.

    Rich Hoeg (3ce5de)

  18. Maybe business is bad?

    Just wondering (39364f)

  19. we should all rip this guy, it’s pricks like this that cause the rest of us to have to go through so much crap with rules and regulations, you have to protect yourself from a.holes like this:

    Michael Cohn, PhD
    Clinical Psychologist
    [Address and phone # redacted by management. — P]

    rip hisars (4d477e)

  20. well, number didn’t work, we can still write him though

    rip hisars (4d477e)

  21. It may be that Michael Cohn sees commercial exploitation as undesirable. Maybe he cares about discrimination too. When you buy a ticket for a sports event you don’t expect to be treated differently from all the others who bought a ticket. The vilification of Michael for standing up to what appears to some to be a trivial matter is unwarranted. We too easily accept our lives being controlled and directed by a capitalist system that is pernicious.
    We have laws to prevent discrimination (of all types) which are designed to make our society a better place. Maybe Michael’s point is that in spite of these laws our capitalist system rides roughshod over them. We should all be worried.

    Phil (199ee6)

  22. Michael Cohn, you are a reject. You should be ashamed of yourself for using a lawsuit to profit from a company that was trying to do something nice for mother’s on Mother’s Day. I bet you cry yourself to sleep every night because life is so unfair that you didn’t get a mother’s day gift bag. If you are so truly concerned about unfairness in the world maybe you should open your eyes to the real unfairness, like….children who go hungry, or have cancer, or Soldiers who lose their limbs. Thats right crybaby just thinking about yourself and how life has been so unfair to you. Couldn’t you maybe spend your time a little better Michael? Can’t you thank your lucky stars that you were blessed to have a good education and live a nice life making good money as a Dr.??

    Ashley (129d12)

  23. This comment, “You should be ashamed of yourself for using a lawsuit to profit from a company that was trying to do something nice for mother’s on Mother’s Day”. Is the most asinine thing so far posted on this dite. Its lack of intelligence and understanding of our world is pitiful.
    PLease do not insult our intelligence by suggesting that companys do anything ‘nice’ for Mothers day. They don’t give a shit for Mothers and you are an idiot for believing that they do. They give away gifts to gain commercial advantage (only those of limited intelligence need that explaining).

    Phil (199ee6)

  24. Phil — you need to learn how to spell. You also need to pull your head out of Michael’s ass. It’s clear that you two are in need of psychological help!

    Jon (5f5959)

  25. Michael Cohn does not pay his child suppport — he is a deadbeat dad.

    Leona (8e8495)

  26. For those of you that think it’s over, it isn’t over. Not at all.

    Michael Cohn (5cf2f7)

  27. Michael Cohn – Heal thyself !

    JD (75f5c3)

  28. I would be happy to take your advice and “heal myself” if I thought there was something wrong. However, I don’t. I think it’s really sad that men in our culture are all too ready to be treated like second class citizens and even defend the practice. For those of you that have not figured it out – it is NOT about the tote bag itself in this case. It’s about discrimination, and nobody deserves to be discriminated against because of their color, religion, and even because of their gender. Women generally will not tolerate it anymore. Is there some reason any of you think men should have to ?

    Michael Cohn (48f085)

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