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Yamashiro, Hiltzik, Etc.

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I got to hang out with the media types again on Friday night at the Yamashiro restaurant.

I sat next to Chief Bratton, but didn’t talk to him much. He looked a little like he wanted to be somewhere else. His wife was wonderfully friendly and interesting.

I rather monopolized Jill Stewart’s time — but if you could, wouldn’t you?

I also said hi to Mickey Kaus, Cathy Seipp, and Bob Sipchen, whom I complimented for his excellent piece on education last week. (Today’s installment is good too. Also don’t miss Bob’s new education blog.)

I think that most of what people say at these events is presumed to be said in confidence. But I believe I’m at liberty to say this: that panel I told you about with Mickey Kaus, Bob Sipchen, Kevin Drum, and Michael Hiltzik? I had said that would have been interesting to see. But, it turns out, Hiltzik didn’t make it.

Speaking of Hiltzik, Steve and Cokie Roberts have a dismal piece about him. Not only do they downplay the sock-puppet angle (which they do mention, in passing), but they seem to think he was fired.

Not too Careful or Accurate. But that’s Big Media for you!

8 Responses to “Yamashiro, Hiltzik, Etc.”

  1. Hah. No-show huh?

    Can’t say I’m surprised, although sometimes they do surprise me by showing up acting like nothing happened or they were right or something.

    Heck Dan Rather is still doing that from time to time.

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  2. Patrick:

    Found another LAT sock puppet for you to expose: [name deleted, since the allegation is completely unsupported and therefore potentially libelous. — P]. He’s posted on plenty of web logs under phony names for years. You’re the go-to guy on this issue, have at him! [And you are banned. — P]

    Hate_Media_Bias (28de67)

  3. Doesn’t surprise me about Hiltzik. He is the typical bully who sucker punches you then gets out the crowbar for a few additional strikes before retreating from the retaliation they so richly deserve.

    PCD (a43fef)

  4. I thought the Steve and Cokie piece was OK on Hiltzik. They are a bit overwrought on the Dateline stuff. Wasn’t it Dateline that was faking the pickup truck gas tank explosions ? Of course, Cokie works for ABC.

    Mike K (f89cb3)

  5. The Roberts piece agreed emphatically with the Times’ decision to discipline Hiltzik, and for the right reasons. So what’s the problem?

    James Fulton (17b495)

  6. Because they agreed for the wrong reasons (mere pseudonymity, not sock-puppetry), and got the basic facts of the discipline (suspension and loss of column, not firing) wrong.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  7. Didn’t he even send mikekoshi in his plac?

    McGehee (5664e1)

  8. […] Well, sort of. I’m almost positive Bratton didn’t say two words to Kaus, Seipp, or Sipchen, and he barely said two words to me — and I was sitting right next to him. As I said on Sunday, Bratton “looked a little like he wanted to be somewhere else.” I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy, and his wife is wonderful — but he wasn’t really “schmoozing” with anyone that night. […]

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