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WaPo Kills Funny Headline Re Hiltzik

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This morning I mentioned that Howard Kurtz had discussed Michael Hiltzik, in a Media Notes column titled To Blog or Not to Blog. But I have discovered that when Kurtz’s column first appeared, it boasted a much funnier headline: Columnist’s Blog: He Hasn’t Been Himself Lately.

Heh. I wonder why they changed it. That headline was much better.

(By the way, I have decided to add a Hiltzik category. I think I need one.)

11 Responses to “WaPo Kills Funny Headline Re Hiltzik”

  1. Speaking as someone who loves creative writing, that was a FABULOUS headline.

    Chris from Victoria, BC (5d90a2)

  2. […] UPDATE x2: But why the WaPo kill the initial, much funnier headline for the column? […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Kurtz’s Second Look at Hiltzik (421107)

  3. Same old story. They don’t want to frame it as if Hiltzik is a sad little headcase, which he is. They decided they would put the blame on blogging in general, which is just so totally not the point. But they keep the club intact that way. And the author of the piece is typically not the headline writer, which I’m sure everyone knows, but the point being that management has that little extra behind the scenes framing influence.

    DJ (b6906b)

  4. I just checked and the funny headline is back.

    Jim C. (e2d5dc)

  5. Oops, sorry. I misunderstood.

    Jim C. (e2d5dc)

  6. Hey PAtrick, this wouldn’t be one of Hiltzik’s IPs would it?

    Cathy Seipp (17eb94)

  7. No.

    Patterico (156eed)

  8. At least, not that I know of. It’s not been used here.

    Patterico (156eed)

  9. Apropos of absolutely nothing, I was thinking about one the all-time great courtroom exchanges, and since this is a law blog….

    I think this is from the civil trial, because I’m pretty sure the attorney questioning Bernie Goetz was Ron Kuby. The blogosphere being what it is, someone will correct me if I’m wrong. This is from memory, so I may be paraphrasing, but it went something like this:

    Kuby: Why did you shoot them, Mr Goetz?

    Goetz: They were acting like assholes.

    Kuby: So in your mind, if someone acts like an asshole, he deserves to die?

    Goetz: (long pause)…..Well….in some cases it might make the world a better place.

    CraigC (28872d)

  10. I think we need a new verb to add to our language

    to “Hiltzik” also “Hiltziking”

    as in to praise oneself or organization or group as if I, We or Us were someone else.

    Recent example:

    “The MSM is Hiltziking themselves on the Mary MacCarthy story”

    This in the same vein as “Fisk” is used to respond to another lame brain activity.


    Rich (f2c0de)

  11. I had the same thought as Rich; mind you, you’d best adjust the spelling.
    I paste (lacking formatting):

    I suggest a new verb and noun:

    hiltzik (hilt’ sik), v., hiltzicked, hiltzicking, n.–v.i. 1. to post self-serving comments on a blog under a false name. “When criticized on his blog, he hiltzicked in immature retaliation.” –n. 2. hiltzik a pseudonymous, self-serving posting on a blog intended to deceive.

    Take heed–the inserted c in the past and present participles is very important–yet possibly controversial.

    Nicholas H Renton (3a6d3e)

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