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New Blogs from Malkin, Allah, and Rightwingsparkle

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Go check out Hot Air, a new multimedia blog Michelle Malkin describes as a “conservative Internet broadcast network I founded with a team of multi-talented bloggers.” One of them is our friend Allah. Good going, guys!

Also, our friend Rightwingsparkle, whose picture on her own blog reinforces the widely held (and correct) stereotype that Texas women are the most beautiful in the world (I met Mrs. P. in Texas — I rest my case!), today begins blogging for the Houston Chronicle. You can access her Chronicle blog here. One of her first posts is an excellent entry on Mary McCarthy. Leave her a comment of encouragement!

10 Responses to “New Blogs from Malkin, Allah, and Rightwingsparkle”

  1. The beauty of Rightwingsparkle notwithstanding, the most beautiful women in the world, as everyone outside of Texas knows, come from Sparta, Laconia, Greece. My mother being the most outstanding example. OK?

    nk (54c569)

  2. Nobody is going to say anything bad about your mother. If she is as pretty as you say, we can make her an honorary Texan.

    Patterico (156eed)

  3. Different parts of the country, I don’t know what it is. Texas women have the most beautiful smiles! Dazzlers.

    RWS, your blog is excellent with writing that’s interesting, passionate and real! Congratulations on the new column. I look forward to reading it. I loved the story about your grandma and all that she gave you. The paper should include that for Mother’s Day. People will clip and save that one.

    Vermont Neighbor (a9ae2c)

  4. awww….so sweet. Thank you.

    Rightwingsparkle (934a68)

  5. Thanks a lot, Patterico. Much appreciated.

    Allahpundit (4ba106)

  6. That post brought out the moonbats, too.

    CraigC (28872d)

  7. No kidding. Who knew there were so many of them in Houston?

    Patterico (156eed)

  8. You live in SoCal and still feel that Texans are prettier? More attractive I could agree with, but not prettier.

    Pigilito (970c88)

  9. No kidding. Who knew there were so many of them in Houston?

    The problem is they look just like us.


    Rightwingsparkle (934a68)

  10. It’s not Texas girls, it’s Southern girls!

    Dana (dd8e7e)

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