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Xrlq’s Quote Quiz

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Xrlq has a quote quiz with a theme. No idea what the theme is . . .

3 Responses to “Xrlq’s Quote Quiz”

  1. I may not know how this works. I’m guessing the theme is helping Mexico with its economic problems, and encouraging illegal immigration with the efforts of Spanish format radio stations.

    Vermont Neighbor (a9ae2c)

  2. Interesting guess, but I’m not sure if it was intended to be serious or tongue-in-cheek. On the off-chance it was serious, please be advised that contrary to popular opinion, XRLQ is not a Spanish-format radio station (though it should be).

    Xrlq (e7740a)

  3. FYI, I just noticed that you forgot to spring forward. I sprung it for you. This comment and #2 were actually posted mere minutes apart.

    Xrlq (e7740a)

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