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Good Idea

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Captain Ed says that the creators of South Park, having been failed by Comedy Central, should take their show to HBO.

Good idea.

They wouldn’t even have to bleep the profanity any more.

4 Responses to “Good Idea”

  1. I’m not sure that the bleep isn’t part of the humor. Or most of it, actually. If the Muhammad image hadn’t been censored I’m pretty sure the episode wouldn’t have been half as good. They got quite a bit of mileage out of the recursive irony.

    [Have you ever seen these kids with their language uncensored? I think it’s pretty funny. — Patterico]

    Kevin Murphy (6a7945)

  2. Naw, I’m with Kevin. The fact that the pretend to make some kind of concession to standards of decency when everybody knows what they’re saying is part of the humor. Just as we all know that innocent children would never think, speak or act that way.

    Dan Collins (538859)

  3. Part of the appeal for many fans (not myself, I’m not terribly fond of the show) is watching how far they can push things and what they’ll get away with. The jokes that make you go “OH MAN I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY GOT AWAY WITH THAT!!” and laugh would be a shrug on HBO. It would, as Kevin points out, actually hurt their comedy – those episode would not have been nearly as funny or effective were it not for Comedy Central being a cowardly and pathetic batch of appeasing wretches.

    Christopher Taylor (9e1f4d)

  4. Sometimes the bleeping makes it funnier. In this case, all it did was drive home the fact that Comedy Central disagrees with Trey & Matt’s position on free speech.

    Xrlq (e7740a)

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