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The Long War On Terror is Over

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[Posted by Xrlq]

Unfortunately, the terrorists won.


UPDATE FROM PATTERICO: More at this earlier post of mine, and the links therein.

9 Responses to “The Long War On Terror is Over”

  1. Not a surprise. It’s lots of fun picking on Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Gays, the Disabled, etc. knowing that they won’t fight back, but when you suddenly are faced with REAL consequences for your actions it’s interesting how quickly “principles” go out the window.

    I kind of like what William Donohue of the Catholic League had to say, though I generally find him to be too much of an Abraham Foxman “they’re all out to get us” paranoiac. It will be interesting to see if all the free speech types choose to engage in this battle or if they too meekly surrender. Maybe a premium cable channel like HBO or Showtime can lure South Park away.

    JVW (d667c9)

  2. What a bunch of pathetic, has-been posers. Their cutting-edge, take-no-prisoners comedy has been blunted and taken prisoner.

    This is the beginning of the end of Comedy Central.

    See Dubya (2d09bf)

  3. Yeah. Like clowns gotta have b___s. Anyway, my comment is on your site.

    nk (41da82)

  4. Terrorists won long ago when the first grandmother had her toenail clippers confiscated before hopping on a flight to Cleveland. Now, it’s just that terrorists are causing people to be stupid and not just the .gov.

    SayUncle (e5cc0b)

  5. All those teachers of mine who told me that violence accomplishes nothing were full of crap.

    jinnmabe (7da6d1)

  6. […] Xrlq says the terrorists won. Actually, the terrorists won the first time some grandma hopping a flight to Cleveland had her toenail clippers taken. […]

    SayUncle » Pussies - it’s official (9b413a)

  7. The terrorists won when this administration decided it could arrest and hold US citizens without charges or access to the legal system to defend themselves and nobody cared since it was not them being attacked. The terrorists won when the President decided, laws be damned, he can do whatever he wants in the name of “national security”, and repeatedly claims greater and greater powers and issues blatant lies and misleading statements as Congress and the public refuse to stand up to him and hold him accountable.

    His cronyism, his incompetence, his duplicity, his deception, his war on the middle class, his bankrupting of the nation, his willful engagement of this nation in a foreign war for false reasons, and his attempts to rule though the promotion of hateful divisions, fear, lies and a phony version of Christianity are things which threaten the freedom and security of this nation more than the terrorists ever could.

    Think for a moment! Taxes for the very richest are still being cut while our deficits soar. Eight trillion in debt and growing with 450 billion spent so far on a war for WMDs yet to be found. Our economy is now dependent on continual borrowing from foreigners and our future mortgaged to them as well. Our dependence on foreign oil as great as ever as the worlds supply dwindles as China and India increasingly compete with us for what is left. Our economic base is eroding, the dollar is in rapid decline, our manufacturing is being exported overseas, yet our President squanders our precious resources attacking a nation based on cherry picked and misleading intelligence for reasons that change with the discovery that each is false. First chasing WMDs and now some grand scheme to bring liberty and freedom to the Middle East through war. His supporters refuse to see the obvious and prefer instead to find ways to continually defend the indefensible.

    This is a war of ideologies but internationally our name and our flag are dragged through the mud as pictures of Aub Greb and Guantanamo Bay are etched in peoples minds across the globe and we are criticized as international lawbreakers by even the International Red Cross.

    Its a sad fact that when our nation was born we heard the words, “Give me liberty of give me death” When Civil war engulfed us we heard the Gettysburg Address and when we faced one of the most evil regimes in history we heard, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” Now in the midst of another threat we hear “You’re doin’ a heck of a job Brownie” as New Orleans drowns and “Mission accomplished!” as war continues and a fake turkey is carved in front of the cameras in Baghdad.

    Earlier citizens followed the lead of men like Patrick Henry, Abe Lincoln and FDR, we follow the lead of this shallow minded, ignorant actor who hasn’t a clue and is more interested empty sloganeering and photo ops and wars of self promotion.

    Wake up America! The threat is real and it is ourselves that have allowed it. In his wildest dreams, Osama Bin Ladin could not have accomplished all this. I wish I could hear from at least one person on this site who has changed his mind on Bush. Let me know that all is not hopeless!

    Charlie (e16458)

  8. Calm down, Charlie, Comment #7. You’ll give yourself apoplexy. I have changed my mind on Bush — for the better. He is an ordinarily decent and honorable man who loves his country and is doing what he thinks is best for her. Maybe you are too. But the vitriol you are spouting is the bought and paid for propaganda of a foreign-born financial manipulator (say robber baron) who, in my opinion, cannot claim the same. This horese#$%& that by defending ourselves we are fulfilling OBL’s wildest dreams is for too-comfortable-for-too-long people who do not know what “beheading”, “stoning”, “limb-amputation”, or “cliterectomy” mean.

    And this goes for you too Say Uncle, Comment #4.

    nk (06f5d0)

  9. nk Bush lied..and has lied repeatedlyd..simple as that. Dont give me that decent honorable man trying to defend the country stuff.. This war is an election year stunt gone wrong. Simple as that..

    Charlie (e16458)

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