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More Sodablogging

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See Dubya told you about one product the Coca-Cola company sells in Mexico but won’t let you buy here: Mexican Coke. Another is Manzana Lift, an excellent apple-flavored soda you can find at any grocery store in Mexico, or in bulk at Smart and Final (yes, they do have those down there), but can’t find anywhere in the States. Its quality is matched only by Manzanita Sol, which is manufactured by Pepsi, and also not distributed here. Oh well. For those of you who have the misfortune of living in Southern California, I’d recommend you make Minute Maid (contains 0% juice) lemonade out of that proverbial lemon, and get thee to T.J. to stock up on the stuff. Just don’t get caught trying to sell it to anybody.

UPDATE: I am not now, nor have I never been, in receipt of any scholarship, grant, endowment or other emoluments (collectively, “Bribes”) from the Coca-Cola Company, the Coca-Cola Foundation, any cocaine dealer who sells his product under the name “coke,” or any of their respective parents, subsidiaries, sister corporations, affiliates, joint venturers, distributors, wholesalers, contractors, directors, officers, employees, fan clubs or other associates (collectively, “Cronies”). Nor have I received any Bribes from Pepsi or any of its Cronies. I have, however, held at least three paid jobs in the early- to mid-1980s, one as an undocumented worker, in which my job description included selling Coca-Cola and/or Pepsi products to the public. Subsequently, I have worked, studied, or both at several institutions, who wish to remain anonymous, at which Coca-Cola, Pepsi or both are or were sold. Due to their bargaining power, some of these institutions may have been able to negotiate more favorable prices from Coke, Pepsi or their respective Cronies than would be available to the general public. To the extent they have done so, it is likely that the bulk of their savings translated into profit, which I did not share. It is possible, however, that some of the benefit of these institutions’ negotiating strength was passed along to me, either in the form of lower prices, a higher salary, or lower student fees. I realize that this disclosure, which comes more than 12 hours after the original entry ran, is probably too late to prevent me from being seipped. Nevertheless, I’m disclosing it now to limit the effects of my apparent corruption any way I can.


8 Responses to “More Sodablogging”

  1. In Chile, Coke sells this drink called “Quatro”, and it’s a pomelo flavored drink, roughly similar to Squirt in the same way that Phil Mickelson’s golf game is roughly similar to say, mine. I LOVED that stuff, thought it was a new release by Coke, and couldn’t wait to buy it when I got back to the States. What a letdown.

    jinnmabe (7da6d1)

  2. I feel left out. I was raised with almost NO soda in the house, raised my kids the same way and just don’t have a taste for most of it

    unless used as a mixer

    I’d blame mom, but that’s old school.

    I blame Bush.

    Darleen (f20213)

  3. XRLQ and jinnmabe are, sadly, correct. I speak from considerable personal experience when I say that Latin American soda technology has outstripped ours. America is mired in trade disputes like the Mexican Coke one I describe below, while Latin American soda culture values entrepreneurship and experimentation. Our soda conglomerates cannot compete, so they can only attempt to regulate the market and keep out the competition. We’re France, they’re Taiwan.

    See Dubya (921613)

  4. Damn you, See Dubya and xrlq for getting me thinking about Quatro again! I wish I knew how to quit you, Quatro.

    jinnmabe (7da6d1)

  5. […] Oh, sure, XRLQ, we can’t get those exotic Latin temptations up here, be they sweet, tart, dusky, or bubbly, but you know what soda we get here that Latin America doesn’t? […]

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  6. Where I live, in San Diego, some 7/11s used to carry the “mexican coke” but no longer. You can find it in some smaller shops, liquor stores but it’s hit or miss. 1 of the local shops sells mexican pepsi as well, and mexican diet coke… never tried those.

    h0mi (1ac006)

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