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More On Hiltzik Coming

Filed under: Dog Trainer — Patterico @ 8:06 pm

I’ve got plenty more to say about Michael Hiltzik’s latest broadside against me. What I published yesterday was just what I could fit on my Treo. Once I get back to my desktop, I’ll give a more conclusive refutation of his latest anti-Patterico diatribe. It’s clear that 1) he can’t take criticism without lashing out in a personal and nasty way, and 2) he’s not totally straight with his readers.

I know some of my readers think I should just ignore the guy. But since he does have the bully pulpit of the local rag, I think it’s worthwhile to take him on when he tries to flim-flam folks.

More to come.

8 Responses to “More On Hiltzik Coming”

  1. You are definitely doing the right thing. Do not give him an inch.

    The Ugly American (207d4d)

  2. Think about going easy on MH, he’s a slow learner.

    [Too late. I’m pretty far into the post already. I’m okay with slow learners, as long as they don’t call me dishonest. It’s worse when they work for major newspapers. I am taking this guy apart in my upcoming post. It’s lengthy, but (I suggest) well worth your time. — Patterico]

    Black Jack (d8da01)

  3. They don’t get it. Seriously, newspapers just do not get why they are failing, or what people like Patterico are complaining about.

    Or oddly enough, how easily they could correct and steer back to credibility. Simple careful writing and editing could coorect 90% of the issues people have. Heck they could eliminate 70% or more of the complaints by simply editing adjectives out of their stories.

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  4. Mr. P., you have a lot more appetite for argumentation than I do, since you take on people like Hiltzik in addition to your duties at work.

    dchamil (4198df)

  5. Take him on, Patrick!

    Flap thought the LA Times would be better without Kinsley.

    Wrong again.


    Flap (54ecdd)

  6. Is Mr Hiltzik using the newspaper itself to attack, or just his blog?

    Dana (71415b)

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