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Video: When Geeks Attack

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[A poste by ye olde See-Dubyae]

[LANGUAGE ALERT: Grimrott says the s-word quite audibly when his knee blows out.]

It won’t have quite the same romance when you tell your kids why Daddy’s walking funny: no, son, it’s not an old war injury, nor an old football injury but an old LARP (Live Action Role Playing, i.e. Dungeons & Dragons play-acting) injury.

Oh, wait, tell your kids? That would imply physical contact with a woman at some point, involving something other than a foam-padded fauchard-fork. Never mind.

Technically, it’s not exactly LARPing, but a violent offshoot called “Belegarth“, named, of course, for the wise old sorcerer in David Eddings’ Belgariad.

UPDATE: Nope, wait, my multiply-layered fact checker tells me that’s not right and I just made that up and it’s actually “Belgarath”. One of them is, and the other is Belegarth. Whatever. There are many videos at that site of college students whomping each other with foam broadswords, set to heavy-metal music.

–See Dubya

One Response to “Video: When Geeks Attack”

  1. LARPers rate just above furries on the freak scale.

    Angry Clam (fa7fff)

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