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All My Rowdy Friends Are In Lockdown

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Hank Williams Jr. makes inappropriate comments and chokes a waitress? Say it ain’t so!

7 Responses to “All My Rowdy Friends Are In Lockdown”

  1. Hank should learn to hold his liquor or stick with root beer. This sort of strong arm stuff could give country music a bad name.

    Black Jack (d8da01)

  2. Country music, schmountry music. It’s an age-old disease called hubris. When you reach the point of fame and money that you have an “entourage”, you get so used to people kissing your tush that you begin to expect it from everybody. Add a little booze, and the frustrated expectation turns into anger.

    bud (46e4bf)

  3. I was in downtown Memphis today and saw four limos go by at one time. I wonder if it was him and his entourage.

    You’re so right Black Jack.

    I’m not much of a country music fan, but IMHO “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound” is the best country music album ever.

    Psyberian (dd13d6)

  4. This sort of strong arm stuff could give country music a bad name.

    Nah, if country music doesn’t already have a bad name due to its inherently inferior aesthetic qualities, it’ll survive this affront too.

    Tom (fefa50)

  5. “…inherently inferior aesthetic qualities…”

    Well, Tom, that’s putting your opinion in clear and unambiguous terms. What’s your take on other forms of popular American music, do other musical traditions share Country’s “inherently inferior” aesthetics, or is it only Country music you find so lacking or unresponsive to your taste?

    Black Jack (d8da01)

  6. I want a T-shirt that says “I’m Hank Williams, bitch”. How could she not recognize him–he’s pretty distinctive. And the Peabody is a grand place–they have their own duck pond in the lobby with live ducks.

    KateCoe (627b7b)

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