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Quote Quiz #2: Time Extended

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I usually give the answers on Friday morning, but it’s taking too long. You can still get in your answers until tonight.


Accepted Wisdom™ on Immigration, Part 2

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(Accepted Wisdom™ is a semi-regular feature of this site, highlighting contradictory viewpoints held by the elite.)

It is Accepted Wisdom™ that:

Illegal immigrants are necessary to our economy, because they do jobs that American citizens won’t do, at wages Americans wouldn’t accept.

And at the same time:

Illegal immigrants should be made American citizens, and their wages should be drastically increased.

P.S. Xrlq said substantially the same thing yesterday in a comment to this post, but I was already going to write this post anyway. Today’s post is dedicated to Actus, who said that business likes illegal immigration because it’s “[n]ice to have this sort of workforce out there,” and also that illegals should be paid “much more” than minimum wage.

P.P.S. So what would my solution be? I’ve discussed that before, here.

P.P.P.S. I just noticed that this is very similar to the very first “Accepted Wisdom” I ever ran. Oh well.

You’re Jealous

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Because we went to see Glen Phillips tonight, and you didn’t.


Accepted Wisdom on Immigration (A Reprise)

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(Accepted Wisdom is a semi-regular feature of this site, highlighting contradictory viewpoints held by the elite.)

In light of the recent protests over the immigration bill, I thought it might be a good idea to reprise an installment of Accepted Wisdom regarding illegal immigration, first published here in November 2003.

It is Accepted Wisdom™ that:

We should not enact divisive laws that burden illegal immigrants. These immigrants are necessary to our economy, because they do jobs nobody else wants to do for the same wage.

And at the same time:

The federal government needs to impose strong sanctions against corporate executives who employ illegal immigrants, to send a strong message that it is illegal to hire undocumented workers.


The Onion Does Joel Stein

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You really should head over to The Onion. They have this brilliant guy there mocking the L.A. Times‘s hyper-vapid and buffoonish columnist Joel Stein. The writer captures Stein’s unbelievable self-absorption perfectly, in a parody column titled 500,000 people, and no one called me? (At the Onion, they write the titles first and the article second.) Here’s how it opens:

NONE OF YOU thought of calling? I mean, I could see if it was a small dinner party: You thought I wouldn’t mesh well; you already had a smugly self-obsessed, attention-needy columnist, maybe Mickey Kaus — I get it. But there were 500,000 of you at Saturday’s pro-immigration rally downtown, more than 13% of the city’s population, the largest gathering ever in L.A. This was a snub.

Did you think I didn’t own a white T-shirt to symbolize peace? Because I do. And I adore immigrants.

My great-grandparents were immigrants. And I’m pretty sure the guy who waters our plants is, though I don’t talk to him much because he only speaks Spanish.

And it goes on like that. Hilarious. This guy is a genius. He totally has Stein pegged.

UPDATE: I’m told this is really Joel Stein’s actual column. Sorry for any confusion.

It’s Really No Mystery . . .

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The local rag reports:

Thousands of students walked out of high schools in Los Angeles and across Southern California this morning as protests against restrictions on immigration spread across the city for a fourth day.

John Cole says:

I really don’t know what to make of this.

I do. It’s more fun to protest something than to go to school.

The Return of Chef

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Did anyone see the latest South Park? My prediction that Chef would die a bloody, horrible, and painful death came true . . . sort of.

P.S. I can’t resist quoting from the eulogy for Chef (I think Stan gave it):

A lot of us don’t agree with the choices the Chef has made in the last few days. Some of us feel hurt and confused that he seemed to turn his back on us. But we can’t let the events of the past few weeks take away the memories of how Chef made us smile.

We shouldn’t be mad at Chef for leaving us. We should be mad at that fruity little club for scrambling his brains.

I laughed out loud many, many times.

Quote Quiz #2

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Ah, the quote quiz. It’s fast becoming a Tuesday morning tradition here at Patterico.

Here’s how it works: I toss out the quotes. You answer without Googling or reading the comments. Most of you shrug your shoulders in confusion. CraigC and Mrs. P. mop the floor with the rest of you.

5 points for each correct band/artist. 1 point for each correct song title.

One of the quotes is relatively timely. You get 5 bonus points if you can tell me which one, and why.

Here they are:



Moussaoui Death Case Looking Better

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I have said that as a purely legal matter, the case for giving Moussaoui the death penalty was “fundamentally weak.” But you know what? It just got a whole lot better:

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Taking the stand over his lawyers’ protests, Al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui testified today that he and Richard Reid, later arrested as the so-called shoe bomber, were slated to hijack a fifth airplane on Sept. 11, 2001, and fly it into the White House.

Moussaoui, speaking publicly for the first time since his arrest a month before the Sept. 11 attacks, said he lied to the FBI so that the plot could go forward.

Yup. That’s pretty much all she wrote.

Stanislaw Lem Dies

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Science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem has died. He was a brilliant man whose books I enjoyed. He’ll be missed.

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