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And You Get to Ride Marilyn Monroe for $1.35

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Kevin Murphy of the Interocitor blog has a letter to the editor in today’s L.A. Times with a clever idea:

A humble suggestion for naming the Metro lines: forget colors or letters or other mundane schemes. Follow London’s example of memorable names.

To visitors, this is Hollywood. Name the lines “Bogart,” “Monroe,” “Hepburn,” “Gable” and such. Public awareness will take care of itself; all language issues will vanish with proper signage; and the map color can be arbitrary.


Los Angeles

Good idea.

9 Responses to “And You Get to Ride Marilyn Monroe for $1.35”

  1. Can us right-wingers ask that one be named the “Stewart Line,” or better yet, the “General James M. Stewart Line”? I would lobby for the “Wayne Line,” but I will be content with having an airport named after the Duke.

    JVW (d667c9)

  2. How about Groucho, Harpo and Chico?

    Patrick Moran (4cdf3a)

  3. The Cocaine Line? It’s L.A., after all.

    Attila (Pillage Idiot) (dfa1f1)

  4. Then there’s Reagan….

    Kevin Murphy (6a7945)

  5. Marilyn would cost more.

    Kevin Murphy (9982dd)

  6. Larry Moe and Curly and Schemp?

    Huey Dooie and Louie?

    Bud and Lou?

    George and Gracie?

    the friendly grizzly (c46451)

  7. The two extensions which eventually run through East L.A.?

    Why, “Cheech” and “Chong” of course!

    J. Fezworthy Brumworthingtonville III (ad383f)

  8. Good idea, and take it a step further and get rid of the modern-looking buses in favor of some film-noir retro styling.

    Tony (787d95)

  9. A Bela Lugosi subway station with a Dracula and vampire theme.

    Patrick Moran (4cdf3a)

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