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Last Call for Mrs. P. Quote Quiz Answers

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Results for the Mrs. P. Quote Quiz are announced first thing in the morning.

I Do Everything Two and a Half Weeks Early

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Mrs. P. and I had the following conversation yesterday:

Me: You know that trial I just did?

Mrs. P.: Yeah.

Me: I’m working on the sentencing memo and I pulled his old files. Get a load of the break this guy got in 1996. [Reads disposition report to Mrs. P.] Can you believe it? This D.A. just wanted to dump this case. I’m going to find the D.A. and call them up and berate them.

Mrs. P.: The deal sounds fine to me. You know, I would have worked with whoever it is who made the deal. I was in Compton in 1996. Maybe I can tell you about the D.A. Who was it?

So I read the name to her.

It was Mrs. P.’s maiden name.

It was actually a perfectly fine disposition. She could have sent a jaywalker to prison and I still would have pulled the “Look at how lenient this D.A. was!” gag. I had merely feigned outrage to see if I could get her to agree that the D.A. was just trying to dump the case.

We think it’s funny that we both talked to the same guy. I cross-examined him in my recent trial, and she took a plea from him in 1996.

P.S. Incidentally, in September 1996, when Mrs. P. was busting her behind (marching into court, getting ready for trial, taking pleas, and such) I was at home sitting on mine. I was in between my clerkship, which I had just completed, and my return to my civil job at a large New York sweatshop law firm (no offense, Jackie!). I took about two months, and played computer chess, read books, exercised, and generally experimented with my circadian rhythm period. I discovered I have a natural day of 28-29 hours. Every day I woke up 4-5 hours later than the day before. It was fun. Everyone should do it once.

P.P.S. The title of the post relates to the first day of next month.

Free as a Bird

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Is your extended middle finger free speech? (Via Howard Bashman.)

Captain Kirk and Ponch Share Something Surprising: A Deep Love for and Knowledge of the Legal Profession

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If you are a lawyer, I don’t see how you can possibly pass up the chance to have William Shatner or Erik Estrada talk up your law firm.

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