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Winners on Quote Quiz #1

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This post provides the answers to my recent Quote Quiz #1.

In a controversial and admittedly last-minute addition to the rules, I hereby dictate that only the first person to get an answer right without cheating is entitled to any points.

Here are the answers:

Artist: The Alarm
Song: Knife Edge
Winning commenter: Nobody
(How could nobody get this? In my view, The Alarm is one of the great rock bands of all time. Their shows were energetic and unforgettable like a good Springsteen show — and you Springsteen fans know what I mean.)

Artist: Toad the Wet Sprocket
Song: Throw It All Away
Winning commenter: ken (Band: 5 points); Mrs. P. (Title: 1 point)

Artist: Beatles
Song: I’m So Tired
Winning commenter: JVW (6 points)

Artist: Gram Parsons/Flying Burrito Brothers
Song: Sin City
Winning commenter: Bobby (6 points)

Artist: Eagles
Song: You Never Cry Like a Lover
Winning commenter: ken (6 points)

Artist: Glen Phillips
Song: Train Wreck
Winning commenter: aphrael (6 points)

Artist: Gin Blossoms
Song: Hold Me Down
Winning commenter: vertex11 (6 points)

Artist: Crosby, Stills, and Nash
Song: Helplessly Hoping
Winning commenter: ken (Song title: 1 point); nobody got the band right without cheating!
(ken was correct that it’s a Stephen Stills song, since Stills wrote it. That should get him some extra credit. But it is technically a CSN song.)

Artist: Kevin Gilbert
Song: Song for a Dead Friend
Winning commenter: CraigC (6 points)
(The most obscure song. If there were a tie for 1st place, CraigC would win based on obscurity.)

Artist: Rush
Song: Red Barchetta
Winning commenter: Steve Bragg (6 points)


1st place: ken (12 points)

2d place: tie (6 points each):
Steve Bragg

3d place: Mrs. P. (1 point)

Mrs. P. gets an honorable mention in that, if she had taken the quiz in a timely manner, she would have earned 30 points. She didn’t read any of the comments before giving her answers, so she would have totally blown the rest of you out of the water — if only she had taken the quiz earlier . . .

She notes that I waited until this post to announce that only the first correct answer wins any points, and she is correct. However, she also admits that she has an unfair advantage in that she has listened to the same music as I have, for years.

Next time she’ll kill you.

P.S. I’m considering letting Mrs. P. do a quiz of her own.

6 Responses to “Winners on Quote Quiz #1”

  1. I thought there would be a selection from Tontos Expanding Headband, or maybe some Leon Redbone.

    Gbear (dd348d)

  2. So my Pink FLoyd guess for number 1 wasn’t just wrong, it was alarmingly wrong.

    Sounds as if you have plenty more quizes in you; let them out.

    Pigilito (1ee2ee)

  3. I’d love to see a quiz from Mrs. P…

    Tom (f35e9a)

  4. You mean all these years there actually were lyrics with these songs? The advantages of being almost deaf.

    Pat Patterson (5b3946)

  5. Next time, you’re all in trouble. I didn’t see this until there were some answers, and I just asssumed it was all or nothing. When Patterico asked about Kevin Gilbert, I answered. Let’s go again, dude. 😀

    CraigC (4525c5)

  6. Mrs. P will take that as a challenge . . .

    Patterico (de0616)

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