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Armed Liberal on Jeopardy

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Armed Liberal talks about when he was on Jeopardy.

I think this makes three people I have known who have been on. It seems like there should be some archive you can go to where you can watch these old shows.

Fun at Court

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Interesting incident down at the Compton courthouse today. I don’t think I am going to talk about it right now. I’m in trial, and though it’s incredibly unlikely that a juror will see the story on my blog, I’m not going to take the chance.

I’ll talk about it if it’s reported in the paper. (It should be, but we’re talking the L.A. Times here.)

I’m being ridiculously overcautious, but better that than undercautious.

More after the trial is over — or when the local rag starts reporting, you know, local stories.

Clint Taylor on Country for Conservatives

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Clint Taylor looks at country songs for conservatives.

I am not a big fan of country music, unless it has a rock edge. My music collection includes Gram Parsons, the Long Ryders, the Eagles, Blue Rodeo, Uncle Tupelo, and Son Volt, all of which have been significantly influenced by country music. I think the only CDs I own that are considered strict “country” music are by Foster and Lloyd and the Desert Rose Band.

Anyway, Clint’s piece is fun no matter what kind of music you like.

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