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Glen Phillips

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We’ve spent the evening listening to the albums of Glen Phillips, former lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket. It’s sobering and disappointing that a man of such great talent has not seen his career skyrocket. One of the pleasures of living in Southern California is having the opportunity to see him perform live with frequency. If you don’t know his music, check it out today. You can reach his website here.

2 Responses to “Glen Phillips”

  1. I was never a big fan of Toad the Wet Sprocket. On your reco. I bought the Glen Phillips single, Thankful, via i-Tunes.

    I thought the tune was pretty cool. Liked the presence and affirmation of his vox. The energy and spirit come through.

    I would also like to point you to a Roseanne Cash Song. “September When It Comes”. She sings it with her dad. Johnny. It’s pure and heartbreaking. Esp. when you realize this is the last song Johnny Cash ever sang on record.

    Given your recent loss, I thought this would be something you would especially appreciate. It is so beautiful. My dad is also on one of his last legs (he’s like a cat, in that way), but I know the end is coming soon.

    I tried to email an .aif file, but there is not email connection on your blog. Probably for good reason. Hope you can find it, anyway.

    [jmaharry, we’ll bring you around yet. Heck, I’ll even give you my e-mail address: patterico AT patterico DOT com. I recommend the Glen Phillips songs “Professional Victim” and “In My Darkest Hour.” — Patterico]

    jmaharry (74c3ec)

  2. Yay!

    I was a big Toad the Wet Sprocket fan, and I still go to almost every Glen Phillips show when he passes through San Francisco on tour.

    He did a tour a few years ago with bluegrass band Nickel Creek, and that show got me hooked on them.

    aphrael (6b0647)

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