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Patterico: Blue-Stater?

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Kevin Drum may have persuaded me to be a blue-stater in 2008. (Hat tip: Big Lizards.)

9 Responses to “Patterico: Blue-Stater?”

  1. Well sir if Drum’s little ditty could possibly persuade you then I can’t help but think you are easily led – unless you are using a varient of what could be called, “dry wit” (but the red state/blue state divide has now become so entrenched it’s hard to imagine anyone switching colors at this point)…:grin:

    russ (2d4887)

  2. Huh, two thoughts with but a single mind between them!

    I just put up a post late last night (for me; earlier this morning for normal people) about this same formula. It’s a synchronicity!


    [Nah, I just forgot to hat-tip you. I fixed it. — P]

    Dafydd (6e94cd)

  3. I’ve been curious about the red and blue colors used on maps too.

    But if neither party wants to be painted red, then why not toss out red for another color? Maybe democrats would prefer green over red, for instance? This is trivial in a way though – the two parties should find more important issues to bicker over than this.

    Psyberian (1cf529)

  4. from Wiki article above:

    For example, from 1972 until at least 1992, NBC consistently showed Republican-won states in blue, and Democratic-won states in red. But other networks used other patterns. ABC, in at least two presidential elections during this time, used yellow for one major party and blue for the other. However, in 2000, for the first time ever, all the major broadcast networks and all the cable news outlets utilized the same color scheme: red for Republicans and blue for Democrats.

    Kevin Murphy (6a7945)

  5. Patterico a blue-stater in ’08? What blue-in-’08 state are you planning on moving to in the interim?

    Xrlq (839872)

  6. I’d suggest pink for the Democratic candidates; they’re all pinkos anyway! :)

    How’d they do this before color television?

    Dana (9f37aa)

  7. The first election I followed and was old enough to understand was Reagan in ’80. I always associated Reagan Republicanism with Blue during elections. When Democrats are blue, it doesn’t feel right (no pun intended).

    jpm100 (06f700)

  8. Your state, like mine, will be blue (the current meaning) for the foreseeable futre no matter what.

    Crank (5f5694)

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