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Los Angeles Times Denies Full Paper to Mobile Phone Users?

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Lately I can’t access the normal version of the L.A. Times from my Treo. I have access to only a limited “mobile” version of the paper, which provides only a certain number of stories.

My inability to get the whole paper has at least two notable consequences. I can’t access the paper’s search engine on my Treo. Nor can I click on links that friends send me via e-mail.

I’m very sensitive to this because I am currently blogging everything from a mobile device. I’m hoping to get our cable hooked up soon, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I have a question mark at the end of the title of this post because I don’t know for sure whether this is the paper’s fault — but it sure seems that way. I haven’t changed anything that I’m doing. Is anyone else having the same problem?

5 Responses to “Los Angeles Times Denies Full Paper to Mobile Phone Users?”

  1. I’ve never accessed LAT from a mobile device. The regular, full online edition appears on my computer, including the search engine.

    Sen. Napoli (d8e964)

  2. I suspect that this is a special new policy just for you.

    Marie (c77267)

  3. The only reason I would have to read the LAT at all is to get myself into a rage over the lies they print so I could pick a fight at work and hurt somebody badly. A suggestion: KFI has the best local news of any outlet in town. Example: I was driving home in the afternoon and caught John and Ken(?) when they were talking with their news guy at the LA Jails. Bombshell: Everyone knew there was going to be a fight two days before it broke out and nobody did anything to stop it. Everyone knew about the second fight two days prior as well. The fact is that these fights are breaking out between two of the most violent gangs in LA with nobody of other races involved, and many blacks and Mexican prisoners simply staying in their cells because “everyone” knew what was about to happen. The Sheriff’s department has barred KFI from all jails because they are not a “real” news org, meaning to me that “real” news orgs cover up the news like the Sheriff wants. I learned all this stuff in about ten minutes. BUT, KFI won’t publish their own news on their own website.

    LA news is a joke, don’t worry about missing any of it.

    Howard Veit (baba22)

  4. Try using a different browser. Just checked on my Treo and the WAP stunted version of the Times site comes up in the included Blazer browser, but the “real” full Times site loads in both AvantGo and Opera Mini. (The rendering isn’t easy to navigate in AvantGo, but it’s the real site; Opera Mini does a better job of it, but you have to load IBM’s Java application for it to work on a Treo).

    So it isn’t just you, it’s the browser. Try another one…

    P.M. Simon (be315e)

  5. Not sure why’d you’d be upset with not getting the full LAT on your Treo. You think the paper is a stain on humanity. You’ve villified its editors, and many of its writers. Now, you’re crying because you can’t search all it’s contents.

    Perhaps you think it’s a pretty useful publication after all. (Its site gets about 3 mil. hits a month. Some people must think it’s worth something.)

    Perhaps you can explain why you so desperately miss something you so dearly hate. (Please, don’t bring up your role as the paper’s self-anointed critic [your lies are well documented in that regard; your credibility exhausted.])

    [Thanks for reminding me. Stuck on the Treo, I haven’t had time yet to go back and demonstrate your numerous misstatements, in particular your falsehood about Joe Wilson seeing forged documents before giving his report. I provided proof that he didn’t and you have not acknowledged your misstatement. I will thoroughly dissect your comments when I get back online, and may even devote an entire post to your lack of credibility. In the meantime, care to acknowlege that you misstated the contents of Wilson’s letter? — P]

    jmaharry (74c3ec)

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