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You’ll Regret This, Carney!!

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This story, about Tom Sizemore’s probation violation hearing for failing a drug test, is amusing to me for two reasons.

First, it says that, according to prosecutor Sean Carney, Sizemore confronted Carney before the hearing and yelled: “You’ll regret this, Carney!”

Hahahahahahaha. I know Sean Carney fairly well. If he says this happened, it happened. Also, I can just picture Sean as this nutcase screams threats at him. The mental image makes me smile.

Second, in one of those small-world things that sometimes happens, my cousin was on the jury that convicted Sizemore. He told me a little bit about Sizemore and the trial.

Based on all this, I agree with Bugs Bunny, who once said: “What a maroon.” Bugs wasn’t specifically talking about Tom Sizemore, but he might as well have been.

UPDATE 2-3-06: I saw Sean on the street this morning and yelled: “You’ll regret this, Carney!!” He stopped crossing the street and came back to my side to ask where I had heard about it. He was surprised when I told him I saw it online. He said one of the reporters covering the case was there when it happened.

Moving House and Work

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It’s busy at the Patterico household nowadays. We are preparing for a move to our new house on Saturday. What’s more, I have been transferred from downtown to the Compton courthouse, where I have worked before, effective Monday. (In our office, transfers happen every few years.)

I am pleased with the work transfer. Though I will miss downtown, I will be doing the same work with a much shorter commute. I will be in a courthouse I am familiar with, with colleagues I know and like, and will work for bosses with good reputations. But it’s a lot to have happen all at once.

In the meantime, if you know anyone who is interested in a four-level townhome in Marina del Rey that is a block and a half from the beach (you can walk there in your bare feet), feel free to have them e-mail me at patterico AT patterico DOT com.

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