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Clip That Quote and Save It!

Filed under: Blogging Matters — Patterico @ 11:26 pm

I rarely link to comments, but I thought that this comment was worth highlighting. The IP address comes back to the Fox News Channel.

P.S. TNugent posted the “Bill Maher” comment.

7 Responses to “Clip That Quote and Save It!”

  1. Heh. I wondered about that. Very cool that Snow would actually read and post to this blog.

    That’s gotta make you feel good, Paterico.

    Glenn (300ef3)

  2. It was nice of Tony to comment on your blog.

    First identified as pseudo-Bill, then outed (well, sort of). I hope my unauthorized impersonation of Bill Maher’s typing (for amusement purposes only, of course) hasn’t offended, or violated some sort of blogger ethical rule (or even a guideline). If so, you have my apology.

    TNugent (6128b4)

  3. I had some nut the other day who would get upset even if you explicitly told her it was a joke. But no, it’s fine; Xrlq pulls that kind of crap all the time.

    Patterico (c201cf)

  4. Ok, then, I’ll tread carefully when not using my real pseudonym.

    TNugent (6128b4)

  5. In my view, posting under a “fake pseudonym” is just like making a statement that isn’t true, namely, it’s highly unethical when done with the intent to deceive, but it’s a perfectly fine thing to do transparently to make a sarcastic point, as pseudo-Bill did in this thread. When I do it, I usually assign my fake persona a working email address based on some permutation of the victim’s name, at xrlq dot com. Nevertheless, no matter how clear you are, anytime you make a sarcastic statement on a blog as widely read as this one, the probability swiftly approaches one that at least one reader, somewhere, will fall into the great sarchasm. Too bad.

    Xrlq (6c76c4)

  6. The great sarchasm, now that’s one to remember.

    Joel B. (31d860)

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