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Pundit Review Interview Is Up

Filed under: Blogging Matters,Judiciary — Patterico @ 7:27 pm

The archive of my interview with the Pundit Review Radio guys is up, here. My segment starts at about 20:50.

Let me know what you think.

3 Responses to “Pundit Review Interview Is Up”

  1. You sounded very knowledgable and articulate.

    I thought it went well.

    Paul Deignan (639a8a)

  2. Nice of you to say. I think you’re the only person reading this blog who bothered to listen.

    Patterico (4e4b70)

  3. Great work there. You pretty much summed it all up in your few minutes there.

    I really liked the airplane analogy. I heard another one today – you aren’t going to hand over the keys to the new Ferrari to your 16 year old to drive for the first time.

    MOG (518e6e)

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