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Harriet Miers’s Blog!!!

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Harriet Miers’s Blog turns out to have been more than a one-day wonder. It’s pretty dang funny. For example, this post:

Okay first here’s some background. Especially if your wondering why its been so long since my last post. I was trying to put into words my thoughts about Specter and the 1989 questionnaire and everything, and honestly if I hear Roe V Wade one more time I’m going to announce that I’ll just recuse myself. (Just kidding its important obv).

Just keep scrolling, and don’t miss the “Call You’re Senators” campaign.

4 Responses to “Harriet Miers’s Blog!!!”

  1. Bush is such a moron. Can Rummie give him a slap?

    TCO (3c2924)

  2. Zowie. Those people are nuts. Do they realize that any nominee who follows Miers, after all the mud that’s been slung, will be such a target of pro-Miers vengeance that they’ll either suck on a shotgun barrel with their toe on the trigger, or else use their belt to hang themselves naked in the bathroom?

    I will see to it, as payback.

    The short list is a ball of lint after current antics.

    George Turner (198a8f)

  3. Fine. Gauntlet is thrown. Bring it on.

    TCO (5e2e67)

  4. Actually, the funniest thing about her blog is that a lot of commenters aren’t quite sure whether it’s real. “Please tell me this is a joke, right?”

    Attila (Pillage Idiot) (dfa1f1)

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