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Roberts Confirmed

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7 Responses to “Roberts Confirmed”

  1. Glad to see you got it fixed.

    Paul Deignan (9e57a7)

  2. I’d also like to take this opportunity to publicly excoriate Senator Evan Bayh (one of my Indiana senators).


    WTF!? One of the most qualified and competent jurists ever put up for nomination as Chief Justice no less and from our home state and you vote against him!? The people of Indiana would support Roberts overwhelmingly, yet you vote against him.

    Who the heck do you think you are representing? Should you be trusted to high office if you betray the people of Indiana like this?

    Evan, you have no sense and no loyalty to the people who elected you. Consider resigning. The people of Indiana deserve better.

    Paul Deignan (9e57a7)

  3. As I saw in comments to another blog:

    “We were promised a Scalia, we were given a Kennedy, and Democrats and Republicans in the Senate alike mistook him for a lone ranger-era Rehnquist.”

    Angry Clam (fa7fff)

  4. Glad to see you got it fixed.

    Nah. I had to get it replaced.

    Patterico (5f44b7)

  5. Clam – that was at Volokh; I saw it there as well.

    I think it’s an apt statement, however much I disagree with the rest of what the gentleman in question had to say. I’m in the liberals-who-support-roberts camp, largely because I agree with the assessment that he’s another kennedy – or, perhaps, another *powell*. If he was honest during the confirmation hearings, he’s a proceduralist who puts his primary emphasis on precedent; that’s acceptable to me (although I suspect it *isn’t* acceptable to the strident conservatives).

    To the extent that that’s true, Bush could nominate a Scalia clone to replace O’Connor and it wouldn’t change the results we see from the court much at all; i’m *far happier* with this nomination than I had any right to expect I would be.

    aphrael (e0cdc9)

  6. The NAY voting Dems better be quiet about “in the Mainstream” from where they stand on the fringe wacko left liberals represent middle ‘mainstream’ America and moderates and conservatives must be the “Vast right wing conspiracy”
    I e-mailed Sen Obama about his anounced vote last week and he did reply saying that Roberts wasn’t committed to protecting the poor. I replied to him that it was his job to write laws protecting the poor and Roberts and his bunch would tell them if they got it right according to the constitution. Bet I don’t get a reply?

    Ray (75a3b5)

  7. Ray,

    Senator Obama’s job is to write no laws unless they are necessary to protect all of us within the limitations as written in the Constitution, making no distinctions among subgroups. Chief Justice Roberts’s job is to adjudicate disputes by applying the appropriate statutes and the Constitution as written. Precedent should only be respected where the precedent conforms to the statutes and the Constitution as written.

    Charles D. Quarles (5d11c1)

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