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Michael Yon Reports from Iraq

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Here is a taste of the reporting being done by Michael Yon from Iraq. It is a thousand times better and more gripping than anything you will read in any Big Media outlet. Just amazing, with pictures and excellent writing. Go read it, now.

3 Responses to “Michael Yon Reports from Iraq”

  1. He’s getting a lot of press for this, which is awesome and well deserved. I’ve seen this on at least five other blogs (including mine).

    I’m glad he’s getting the attention. He does a great job of shedding some light on the real story over there.

    Partisan Pundit (7060ba)

  2. He deserves a Pulitzer. So tell them.

    The Pulitzer Prizes
    Columbia University
    709 Journalism Building
    2950 Broadway
    New York, NY USA 10027
    Voice: (212) 854-3841
    Fax: (212) 854-3342

    Fred Z (83acf5)

  3. I have written to Michael Yon on several occassions, and with all that he is doing for our guys in Iraq with his superb reporting, and he takes precious time and answers my email even if it’s a One-Worder. I have come to depend on Michael for the truthful news of events in Iraq. It is not always so pretty and nice to read, but it is truthful!

    I just hope that every body realizes that Michael is not reporting from a hotel in Iraq where it is in some degree “safe”. He is right up there on the front lines and even put his life on the line to protect the men he is with. A “Warrior-Jounalist”. This is the kind of guy that you want watching your back!

    Thomas Wm. O'Connell, Jr. (6168d1)

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