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English-Language Italian Blog: Right Nation

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Long-time readers know that I am always on the lookout for good foreign blogs, especially those written in English. Now, via Brian Maloney at Michelle Malkin’s blog, comes word of a fine Italian blog called Right Nation. Go pay it a visit.

8 Responses to “English-Language Italian Blog: Right Nation”

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  2. There is also a great blog by an Italian girl named Stephania. It is called Free Thoughts. Lots of great links to the outrages of China, the Middle East & other Muslim countries as well as democracy movements in Cuba & Venezuela. She offers an unflinching view of how glorious dictatorships are.

    NYgirl (7fe5ec)

  3. Welcome to the Right Nation

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    The Right Nation (59ce3a)

  4. It disgusts me how the generations of people born in italy after world war II have completely abandoned the italian culture. all i know is that our grandparents or great grandparents would have never allowed foreigners, especially from the third world, to set foot in italy, let alone allowing them to have residence or citizenship to these Black and Muslim inferiors.
    The generations that came after WWII sold italy out to the highest bidder with the so called “italians” of the North doing the most damage to italy by passing legislation that allowed these miserables full access to italy and, our greatest treasure, italian women.
    Our parents and grandparents and all our forebearers got along just fine without doing business at all with Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics and Indians so why all of a sudden in the past 10 years are italians thinking they cant breathe unless they allow these anti-italian groups into italy?
    the fact of the matter is that just like Mussolini threw out the undesirables from italy making italy completely black, indian, and Hispanic free, this will happen again because there are enough people sickened about what the traitorous anglo phillic garbage government officials whose daddies were put into government position by anglos of america and britain (only because northern italians are physically indistinguishable from the polyglot british barbarians (as the Romans called Britons)and wanted to give non-ethnic and non-italian inhabitants of italy reign over all ethnic italian groups. Thusly, they created a formidable disinfranchised huge population in italy that wants to poke out the eyes of any non-ethnic, blonde haired blue-eyed mutt inhabitant of italy and restore the Romano-Italian supreme race of Italy once and for all.
    These people consider all who participated against Italy during WWII as enemies and want very very badly to punish these nations for their transgressions against the true italian people of Roman stock.
    To achieve this, this group will have to significantly depopulate france, germany, britain, saudi arabia, north africa.
    allowing the garbage of the world to filter into italy requires the officials who committed this atrocity against the true italian people severe punishment. the rationale is that ethnic italians dont want future generations to have the bad genes that these traitors possess and who can blame them?
    they will do away with Russian loving commies, liberals, integrationists, united europe,and the like.
    italy needs a good blood bath to cure its ills and the ethnic italians will provide the vehicle. ethnic italians want to Romanize italy not Europeanize Italy because the Romans were the most successful white ethnic group and they feel the need to emulate them.
    the catholic church will have no future in italy once a revolution is completed. the catholic church has allowed foreigners to dominate the italian people for centuries. no other european insitution are so accepting of foreigners as the catholic church in italy. this is evidenced by the fact that the last two popes werent italian, that the vatican has more clerics and people visiting it that are non-italians as compared to native italians.
    the government in italy and inhabitants of northern italy (polentoni) have gone overboard in accepting non-italians as if they were they always belonged in italy. this will stop only after blood is shed. this can not happen by peaceful means because the anglo-backed government will never concede their authority in any way. should the ethnic revolution be victorious, traitorous officials their families will pay too for good measure. traitors, as in history, need to be brutalized and most ethnic italians believe, since they have Roman blood and the Romans were the most powerful military might the world has ever seen, that they have the discipline to vanquish their enemy by the most brutal means.

    italio (476d8c)

  5. I believe that “Italio” has a good grasp of the Italian mindset. Certainly the Government and the Catholic Church have to be muzzled down by the people by any means necessary to effectively liberate themselves from the invasion of the new barbarians.
    Hopefully, something will happen very soon because the great land of the Romans and its people cannot become a thing of the past. It’s time to agree that this very rapid flow of strange people into our country is a threat to our racial,ethnic, cultural survival and must be delt with now. Realistically, the threat is from those of the third-world and not necessarily among our people who happen to have blue eyes and blond hair!

    Allisio Rex (efbf76)

  6. Hi, everybody!
    Please help me. I need some Italian phrases that are used when refered to cooking, food, chefs and so on…

    Please translate words and phrases into italian like…

    Bon Apetite, Italian Cuisine, pastries, italian words for different kinds of pastries, delicious, mouth watering, chef, cook and any other common phrases used in italian culture when refered to good cooking.

    Thanks for your help :)

    Heather (5f8f6b)

  7. Well it is apparent that people of Italy are not comfortable with foreigners coming in. I am of that vote. I live in the USA but I am of Native American heritage along with English, Italian, and German Euro background. I am appalled at how my country lets any foreigner in. I would not expect to go to Italy to live without knowing the language and having a means of support. Or Mexico, or England, or Germany. I am taking Italaian for my next year in university for a foreign language. I hope someday to visit there. Our people came from the southern end of Italy, ‘southern end of the boot’ and the other family came from Rome directly, and yes they had blue eyes and blonde hair. We must remember Rome has a wide variety in culture. But what is Italian should stay that. I agree. God Bless Italy!

    rhonda (53133e)

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