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No Post This Morning (UPDATED)

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I’m working on a project. Details coming soon.

UPDATE: Nope, still nothing. I’m starting to sound like Bill from INDC Journal.

I know: why not go read Part II of the Air America report?

UPDATE x2: On a positive note, it looks like the hosting company has probably worked out the issues that have prevented access to this blog over the last couple of days. Which is good, because you’ll want to hear about this project. I’ll tell you more this weekend.

3 Responses to “No Post This Morning (UPDATED)”

  1. This is the one you should have intentionally left blank.

    Xrlq (816c74)

  2. It’s all in the sales pitch. If I’d titled the post: “I’m Working on a Project” and put in the body: “Details coming soon” — that wouldn’t have had any substance either. But maybe people would be curious.

    But I didn’t have time to think of that.

    Patterico (8303b8)

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