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I just sent this e-mail to Jeff Goldstein:

Dear Mr. Goldstein,

I am disturbed by your continual smears of honorable anti-Semites like Carl Hudecek. If you disagree with the opinions of Mr. Hudecek, then please voice that at your discretion, but engaging in personal smears campaigns at the behest of Karl Rove and Grover Norquist really do a disservice to your readers. Carl Hudecek‘s e-mail did not disallow sharing of information between the military and the FBI, it merely called you a “Jew prick.” Please issue a correction in your next blog.

Explanations here and here.

P.S. Jeff: if you comment here, please try to avoid the vulgar and profane humor, okay? We have delicate eyes here.

7 Responses to “From My Outbox”

  1. This is a very anticlimactic big project, you know.

    Angry Clam (a7c6b1)

  2. Never wrestle in the mud with a pig. You only get dirty and the pig likes it. (Not mine. Read it at NRO’s The Corner a few months back.)

    nk (bfce66)

  3. Clam,

    You must have guessed.

    What do you want from me? I’m like a dancing monkey. I do what I’m told, when I’m told.

    Think of it as a retrospective.

    And put your comments under the right post in the future, willya?

    Patterico (756436)

  4. I’m teasing you about this post.

    Angry Clam (a7c6b1)

  5. Oh.

    I used the word “project” this morning in another post. Regarding a project that will come to fruition this weekend — and that will arguably be anticlimactic.

    The riff off the e-mail in this post is fresh. And I’m not done with ol’ Carl yet.

    Patterico (756436)

  6. I sent Carl a love letter, and I cc’d Jeff on it.

    It was just a little bit acidic.

    As a matter, the language in it bordered on the Jeffesque.

    Attila Girl (177cf9)

  7. Ooh! Ooh! We want to see it!

    Patterico (756436)

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