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Best Wishes to Harry Reid

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Harry Reid has had a mild stroke. (Via Pejman.) Here’s hoping he has a swift and full recovery.

UPDATE: Captain Ed also expresses his best wishes for Sen. Reid.

2 Responses to “Best Wishes to Harry Reid”

  1. He should. When I had my “minor transient ischemic event” I was pretty much recovered a couple of hours after getting a bed. I can only hope Sen. Reid is as lucky as I was.

    Still, it does mean a daily blood thinner (81mg aspirin for me), and possibly blood pressure medication. An exercise program is a good idea.

    Alan Kellogg (7cefda)

  2. I am sure the dems will add Reid’s name to the long list of “victims” of Bush’s “assault on the health care system.”

    bureaucrat (825e78)

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