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Trouble Accessing the Site?

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Has anyone had trouble accessing the site lately? I have had some trouble myself, both in accessing the site, and in getting posts that I have published to appear on the site. Also, the SiteMeter has shown long down periods during times of the day when I am usually getting 2-3 visitors a minute. The Hosting Matters people say that these down periods in the Site Meter don’t necessarily indicate anything about the server side, which seems strange to me.

If you have had any trouble getting on recently, please let me know in the comments.

UPDATE: I’m getting a lot of responses regarding today — what about yesterday?

18 Responses to “Trouble Accessing the Site?”

  1. At about 1:40 EDT, I tried twice to reach the site. A “Word Press” screen appeared, with an error message that I did not read. I’m not sure Wwhat that means, if anything, but, yes, I had trouble reaching your site.

    Doug (a37352)

  2. I got a “connection refused” message a few minutes ago

    Scott (57c0cc)

  3. I got connection refused at about 11:00 am CDT.

    Loren (cfcaff)

  4. I have had quite a bit of trouble this morning. I rec’d both a “can’t connect” error message plus a “you are attempting to log into Word Press” error message when trying to access the site.

    Independent Sources

    PS. Congratulations on getting added to the Blue Flypaper Black List (misery enjoys company)….

    Blue Flypaper Black List

    Insider (082691)

  5. Difficulty several times today.

    tbaughman (7d7f4f)

  6. Between 1:24 and 1:48 CDT (by my clock) I was unable to access the site at all. Several times I got a page with a block and “Word Press” at the top, then it switched over to connection refused.

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  7. Got the same “Word Press” screen as in comment #1 about 11:30am PDT.

    Steve Levy (36fbb4)

  8. What about yesterday? Any problems for any of you?

    Patterico (93ec1e)

  9. Had problems yesterday. Late morning or early afternoon. Not sure which. Some sort of database error.
    Also about 2.30pm EDT today.

    Bob K (032306)

  10. Haven’t noticed any problems, but a while back I saw this post on Lifehacker: Keep your hosting company honest with Uptime. The article says this:

    “Lately, I’ve been having stability problems with one of my servers. How do I know? I’ve got a bullet-proof uptime monitor checking it every few minutes to see if it’s online. The best part is this service is free, and has worked continuously for me since I first signed up in 1998 ”

    The monitor site they refer to is:

    “Uptime periodically requests a page from your server. If the site is unreachable, Uptime sends you email. Uptime will continue checking your site. When it becomes reachable again, Uptime will send you one more message.”

    Haven’t tried it ourselves since we’re pretty happy w/ our ISP, but kept the link just in case.

    A Senior Administration Official (5c600b)

  11. No problem yesterday. Couldn’t get in at all this morning.

    Omnibus Driver (d4af9f)

  12. I have been having intermittent problems since some time yesterday.

    James B. Shearer (fc887e)

  13. I’ve had problems today. Not yesterday, but I only visited once.

    Doc Rampage (47be8d)

  14. You get 2 to 3 visitors a minute? Shoot, I get a total of 5 a day!

    To quote Instapundit: “Advantage: Patterico.”

    Nick @ HBR (890398)

  15. You get 2 to 3 visitors a minute?

    Nah, only during certain hours of the day. If an hour and a quarter goes by with only 1 visitor, there is clearly some kind of issue.

    Patterico (a2f3c3)

  16. Problems since yesterday. Maybe 3x.

    v-man (dae946)

  17. Patterico – I had some trouble accessing it yesterday. Tried a couple of times mid-afternoon and got a Word Press screen rather than your blog.

    Sister Toldjah (cfeb34)

  18. Yes, I had trouble, but it was either Monday or Sunday. I was getting the same Word Press screen that someone else mentioned….

    RR Safety (d520d0)

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