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L.A. Times Endorses Roberts — Sort Of

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The Los Angeles Times editorializes in favor of John Roberts this morning. The praise might seem rather faint, judging only by the editorial’s title: Not worth fighting over. But the paper has some genuine compliments for Judge Roberts hidden under that diffident headline:

In a speech about judging he delivered on a college campus in February, Roberts comes off as appealingly modest and — dare we say it? — even open-minded.

. . . .

By now it is clear that Roberts is no crazed ideologue intent on overturning precedents willy-nilly. He appears to be a thoughtful conservative who values and respects the social stability provided by the law’s slow evolution. As such, he may disappoint extremists who’d hoped — and raised money — for an all-out confirmation war. But those same qualities would serve him well on the Supreme Court.

I see this as simply another indication among many that Roberts is going to be confirmed with little trouble.

One Response to “L.A. Times Endorses Roberts — Sort Of”

  1. He probably is going to be confirmed, but does anyone know what we are really confirming? I hope the hearings add some insight, but don’t hold your breath.

    The further the SC gets off the reservation the worse it is going to be. The last straw for me was the emminent domain Kelso v. City of New London decision. That alone made the case for originalist judges, no others need apply.

    bill (26027c)

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