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Pundit Review Radio Interview Posted

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The folks at Pundit Review radio have posted their interview with me from July 3. If you wish, you can suffer through it here.

If you want to listen to somebody much more entertaining and informative, check in with the Pundit Review guys this Sunday, when they’ll be talking to Michael Yon live from Mosul. You can listen live at the WRKO web site, here.

UPDATE: If you do listen to my interview, try to listen to the whole thing — or maybe start later (around the 21st minute). That’s when we’re talking about judges, and I think I get a little more impassioned and articulate around that point.

3 Responses to “Pundit Review Radio Interview Posted”

  1. Hm. I can’t get the audio to work. Wanted to evaluate your “stage presence.” :)

    You need to have a category listing for audio/video and similar stuff.

    Laudio (06d15b)

  2. It worked for me. Try a different browser? I had to use IE to get it to work.

    Patterico (ac1b48)

  3. Got it. It just took quite a long time to load.

    Laudio (06d15b)

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