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Weintraub = Karnak

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The L.A. Times reports:

In another setback to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “year of reform” agenda, an appeals court on Tuesday blocked his redistricting initiative from the November special election, ruling that supporters of the measure violated state election law in the way they put it on the ballot.

The vote was 2-1 — something I predicted here the other day after reading a Dan Weintraub post on the oral argument:

Based on [Weintraub’s] post, it sounds like the decision will issue on Tuesday and is likely to be 2-1 — though which way it will come out is anyone’s guess.

I was tempted to call this post “Patterico = Karnak (Part 2)” but the credit really goes to Weintraub, whose post made it clear that Presiding Justice Arthur Scotland intended to vote for initiative proponents, and Justice Coleman Blease would vote against them. That’s exactly what happened. Unfortunately, the swing vote swung the other way.

We’ll see what the California Supreme Court does . . .

One Response to “Weintraub = Karnak”

  1. I’m Arnold’s biggest fan; but this situation just stinks, and it is the Gov’s own doing. It is pathetic that the California Governor cannot find capable people to do the most basic of proofreading. It is even more pathetic that he has let his agenda and very clear message devolve into this smokescreen of babble. There is an army of Gray Davis rats biting at his ankles, and if Schwarzenegger doesn’t wake up he’s going to get eaten.

    Shredstar (e73f56)

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