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Patterico = Karnak

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The L.A. Times reports:

A Los Angeles County judge has thrown out a $6.5-million award to a former gang member who sued his public defender for failing to convince a jury he didn’t assault two corrupt police officers.

When the verdict was rendered, I noted the outrage of a jury finding that the cops who shot and framed the guy were zero percent responsible for his incarceration. I then predicted:

[T]hat verdict will not stand. In fact, my guess is that the trial judge won’t wait for the appeal — she’ll substantially cut the award, and may vacate the judgment entirely.

Just call me Karnak. Though it really didn’t take a Karnak to see this coming. This was an outrageous and unsupportable verdict. Good on the judge for throwing it out.

2 Responses to “Patterico = Karnak”

  1. Sorry for the OT comment, but I don’t see an email addy.

    Here is a Korea affairs blogger, dealing with a bit of NYT bias, that you might be interested in.

    The Sanity Inspector (ef5d4d)

  2. Who were the lawyers who overturned his conviction? The same PDs he sued?

    nk (54c569)

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